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Oct 31st 2014

Today in History: 1876: A monster cyclone ravages India, resulting in over 200,000 deaths; 1940 : The Battle of Britain ends. Holidays and Observances: King Father's Birthday, Cambodia.

Day 304 there are 61 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Ferdinand I of Portugal, 1345–1383;
Edward, King of Portugal, 1391–1438;
John Keats, Poet, 1795–1821;
Luís I of Portugal, 1838–1889;
Vallabhbhai Patel, Politician, 1875-1950;
Muriel Duckworth, Activist, 1908–2009;
Dale Evans, Singer, 1912–2001;
Daphne Oxenford, Actress, 1919–2012;
Barbara Bel Geddes,
ctress, 1922–2005;
Dan Rather, Journalist, 1931–;
Katherine Paterson, Author, 1932–;
Tom Paxton, Singer, 1937–;
Sally Kirkland, Actress, 1944–;
Deidre Hall, Actress, 1947–;
Jane Pauley, Journalist, 1950–;
Jeannie Longo, Cyclist, 1958–;
Paul du Toit, Sculptor, 1965–2014;
Muzzy Izzet, Footballer, 1974–;
Guti, Footballer, 1976–;
Inka Grings, Footballer, 1978–;
Justin Chatwin, Actor, 1982–;

Leonor, Princess of Asturias, 2005–.

People died today:
Eleanor of England, 1163–1214;
Leonardo Leo, Composer, 1694-1744;
Jacob Abbott, Author, 1803-1879;
Harry Houdini, Magician, 1874-1926;
Ilm-ud-din, Murderer, 1908-1929;
Indira Gandhi, Politician, 1917-1984;
John Houseman, Actor, 1902-1988;
River Phoenix, Actor, 1970-1993;

Michail Stasinopoulos,
Politician, 1903-2002;
Mary Wimbush, Actress, 1924-2005;
P. W. Botha, Politician, 1916-2006;

Qian Xuesen, Scientist, 1911-2009;
Charles Suckling, Biochemist, 1920-2013.

'Ontario OUT OF DOORS has gone digital' says allowing subscribers the option of print, digital or both. 'Digital and fully connected subscribers have access to the entire 2014 archive, along with the digital special interest publication Deer: The Master Guide to Hunting Whitetails' says the report an for more, click here.

Farm Journal Media announced today that it has acquired highly-regarded The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter, a well-known bi-weekly newsletter published continuously since 1929. The periodical currently serves more than 6,000 subscribers with a professional interest in agribusiness news and information. The award-winning newsletter is the oldest, continuously published newsletter focused on agriculture.

“We are excited to have this venerable publication as the newest member of the Farm Journal family,” said Farm Journal Media CEO Andy Weber. “Its audience includes many longtime readers who appreciate Kiplinger’s crisp reporting style. Our team will continue with that tradition.”

Katie Taplett to Join Defense News.

Burkina Faso's opposition renews calls for the immediate resignation of President Blaise Compaore.
A US man who has eluded police in the forests of Pennsylvania for seven weeks after the fatal shooting of a police officer has been found.
Key Jerusalem holy site reopens.
Thomas Menino, who served as mayor of Boston for more than 20 years, has died after a battle with cancer.
A musical version of the hit 2002 British comedy film Bend It Like Beckham is to open in the West End next year.
Teachers who try to encourage low-achieving students with lots of praise could harm their learning, claims research into classroom tactics.
A US judge rules the long-running dispute between Marvin Gaye's family, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over claims of plagiarism should go to trial.
Labour pledge to boost English buses. Royal Bank of Scotland reserves £400m for currency probe. Two missing after fireworks blaze at a Stafford fireworks warehouse. Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson has driven in to another storm of controversy. Starbucks plans to offer a delivery option. A town in southern France has banned people from dressing up as clowns after a spate of attacks.

Oct 30th 2014

Today in History: 1485: King Henry VII of England is crowned; 1972: A collision between two commuter trains in Chicago kills 45 and injures 332; 1995: Quebec citizens narrowly vote to remain a province of Canada. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 303 there are 62 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Buck Freeman,
Baseball player, 1871-1949;
Ezra Pound, Poet, 1885-1972;
Jean Rostand, Biologist, 1894-1977;
Patsy Montana, Singer, 1908-1996;
Ruth Hussey, Actress, 1911-2005;
Anna Wing, Actress, 1914-2013;

Jean Chapman, Author, 1939-;
Grace Slick, Singer, 1939-;
Henry Winkler, Actor, 1945-;
Timothy B. Schmit, Singer, 1947-;

Harry Hamlin, Actor, 1951-;

Juliet Stevenson, Actress, 1956-;
Giorgos Papakonstantinou,
Politician, 1961-;
Stephanie Izard, Chef, 1976-;
Suwaibou Sanneh, Sprinter, 1990-.

People died today:
Charles IX of Sweden, 1550-1611;
Allan Cunningham, Poet, 1784-1842;
John Abbott, Politician, 1821-1893;
Honoré Mercier, Politician, 1840-1894;
Fred Beebe, Baseball player, 1880-1957;
Steve Allen, Entertainer, 1921-2000;
Phyllis Frost, Philanthropist, 1917-2004;

Washoe, Chimpanzee, 1965-2007;
Robert Goulet, Singer, 1933-2007;
Trevor West, Politician, 1938-2012;
Lebbeus Woods, Architect, 1940-2012.

David Goodchild, CEO of H. Bauer Publishing across the pond 'is to become the new CEO of Bauer Media Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong' says Mr. Goodchild will replace Matthew Stanton who is leaving the company. Bauer Media publishes over 60 magazines in Australia alone as well as '30 magazines in New Zealand and bilingual and digital media for some of Asia’s leading travel, entertainment and leisure brands in Hong Kong.' For more, click here. Condé Nast International has announced that Vanity Fair will be launched in Mexico next spring. 'Vanity Fair Mexico will be the 6th edition of the magazine, following the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France' notes For more, click here.

It is the cover that keeps on giving. Nicole Levy at notes 'teachers, parents and labor union organizers will deliver more than 80,000 signatures for a petition protesting Time magazine's Nov. 3 cover to the Time-Life Building in midtown this afternoon, the American Federation of Teachers said in a news release yesterday.' Oh dear, sounds like it is time to get to the core of the matter on this un-a-peel-ing story! (Sorry, could not resist!) For more of Nicole's report, click here.

Are "apps" beginning to piss publishers off? D.B. Hebbard at thinks this may be a possibility. For example, D.B. notes 'the developer of Camera+, a widely used photography app for both the iPhone and iPad, was updated… a mere 24 hours after a previous update had been released. The first update, version 6.1, broke the app for many.' D.B. says 'publishers have recently told me that they are already tired of the game. Each year, just before the new version of iOS is released, their apps are finally in working order, only to see them become buggy messes in late September.' For more, click here.

The funeral of Ben Bradlee in pictures...

Burkina Faso parliament set ablaze. Lava flow creeps toward Hawaii homes. Giants beat Royals in World Series.
Tunisia's secularist Nidaa Tounes party wins 81 seats in parliament, pushing the Islamists of Ennahda into second place.
Torrential rains and strong winds in central Argentina cause severe flooding, damage homes and force dozens of people to evacuate.
Fears grow that a flood at a Turkish mine may have drowned 18 workers. France denies reports that it is ready to go ahead with the controversial delivery of a helicopter carrier to the Russian navy.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will run in February's elections.
Edinburgh-based hip-hop trio Young Fathers win the £20,000 Barclaycard Mercury Prize with their album Dead.
Apple's Tim Cook has come out as gay and says he wants to "inspire people to insist on their equality".
Detectives investigating the 1972 abduction and murder of mother-of-10 Jean McConville have arrested a 73-year-old man.
Iran could get iPhone as US relations ease.
The man who invented the board game Operation half a century ago now needs help paying for a real operation.

Oct 29th 2014

Today in History: 1390: First trial for witchcraft in Paris leading to the death of three people; 1787: Mozart's opera Don Giovanni receives its first performance in Prague; 1986: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opens the last stretch of the M25 motorway. Holidays and Observances: Republic Day, Turkey.

Day 302 there are 63 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Dan Emmett, Composer, 1815-1904;
Marie of Romania, 1875-1938;
Gerda van der Kade-Koudijs,
Runner, 1923-;
Robert Hardy, Actor, 1925-;
Bertha Brouwer, Sprinter, 1930-2006;
Connie Mack III, Politician, 1940-;
Richard Dreyfuss, Actor, 1947-;

Kate Jackson, Actress, 1948-;

Thorsten Schlumberger,
Footballer, 1960-;
Rufus Sewell, Actor, 1967-;
Winona Ryder, Actress, 1971-;
Vonetta Flowers, Athlete, 1973-;
Kelly Lin, Actress, 1975-;
Kelly Smith, Footballer, 1978-.

People died today:
Conradin, 1252-1268;
Dirck Volckertszoon Coornhert,
Philosopher, 1522-1590;
Gustaf V of Sweden, 1858-1950;
Rosemarie Nitribitt,
Murder victim, 1933-1957;
Jack D McVitie, Hitman, 1932-1967;
Franco Corelli, Tenor, 1921-2003;
Graham Stark, Actor, 1922-2013.

So... revenue was down 12% and in the third quarter 'a $14.7 million operating loss' was incurred... and yet, share prices went UP 3.7%. Who could possibly pull something like this off? Cooking guru, keeper of "good things' and poncho wearer Martha Stewart that's who. Keith J. kelly notes 'shares of Martha Stewart Omnimedia rose... as investors seem to like the upside potential from its recent deal with Meredith and its quest for overseas deals.' Well, let's hope so otherwise the world has officially gone mad... and I have a couple of nice bridges over the Hudson to sell you. For more, click here.

77 WABC and NY Observer Announce Partnership

Bercovici Jumps from
Forbes to Inc.

Why Vance’s Portfolio Merger Makes Sense.

It's all over for Matt Taibbi at First Look where Pierre Omidyar has announced that 'after several weeks of discussions, Matt Taibbi has left First Look.' Says Mr. Omidyar 'We’re disappointed by how things have turned out. I was excited by Matt’s editorial vision and hoped to help him bring it to fruition.' This is all a far cry from the beginning of the year: 'Pierre Omidyar, today announced that acclaimed journalist and New York Times best-selling author Matt Taibbi will launch First Look’s second digital magazine. Taibbi will help assemble a top-notch team of journalists and bring his trademark combination of reporting, analysis, humor and outrage to the ongoing financial crisis – and to the political machinery that makes it possible. The magazine will launch later this year.' For more, click here.

Someone who will not be moving downtown is 'veteran Condé Nast executive' Deb Lee who, says Keith J. Kelly at 'was quietly let go by the new GQ publisher Howard Mittman several weeks ago... after it was learned she allegedly ripped off more than $50,000 from the company over several years.' For more, click here.

'Sandra Martin has been appointed to the position of Multi-Platform Editorial Director for TC Media’s Canadian Living magazine' reports, she had 'previously worked for Rogers Media as the founding editor-in-chief for Walmart Live Better and Vivre mieux Walmart. For more, cliquez ici!

Zambia's President Michael Sata has died in London, he was 77.
An unmanned rocket bound for the International Space Station has exploded during its launch from the US state of Virginia.
Hawaii residents flee lava flow.
Free Syrian Army fighters arrive in Kobane to help the defence of the Syrian border town under siege by Islamic State militants.
A new study confirms that giant tortoise numbers on one of the Galapagos Islands have bounced back thanks to captive breeding. Brazil school bus crash kills 10. Hugh Jackman has had treatment for skin cancer for a third time.
Joan Rivers family hires legal firm. Argos faces glitches on website. White House computers 'hacked'. Terrorism suspect arrested In London.
South Africa's first black billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, donates $1m (£620,000) to Guinea to help the country fight the deadly Ebola virus.
The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is poised to launch a formal criminal probe into the accounting crisis at Tesco.
Elton John has called Pope Francis "my hero" for his push to accept gays in the Catholic church.

Oct 28th 2014

Today in History: 97: Emperor Nerva is forced by the Praetorian Guard to adopt general Marcus Ulpius Trajanus as his heir and successor; 306: Maxentius is proclaimed Roman Emperor; 1958: John XXIII is elected Pope. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 301 there are 64 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Maria Anna of Neuburg, 1667-1720;
Marie of Hesse-Kassel, 1767-1852;
Jigoro Kano, Martial artist, 1860-1938;
Vin Coutie, Footballer, 1881-1951;
Dink Johnson, Musician, 1892-1954;
Edith Head,
Costume designer, 1897-1981;
Elsa Lanchester, Actress, 1902-1986;

Evelyn Waugh, Author, 1903-1966;
Pearl Hackney, Actress, 1916-2009;
Cleo Laine, Singer, 1927-;
Joan Plowright, Actress, 1929-;
David Dimbleby, Journalist, 1938-;
Susan Harris, Screenwriter, 1940-;
Dennis Franz, Actor, 1944-;
Telma Hopkins, Singer, 1948-;
Annie Potts, Actress, 1952-;

Lauren Holly, Actress, 1963-;
Julia Roberts, Eric's sister, 1967-;
Brad Paisley, Singer, 1972-;
Joaquin Phoenix, Actor, 1974-;
Kanzi, Bonobo, 1980-;

Matt Smith, Actor, 1982-;
Camille Muffat, Swimmer, 1989-;
Miss Beazley, Dog, 2004-2014.

People died today:
Anna of Russia, 1693-1740;
Charlotte Turner Smith, Poet, 1749-1806;

Abigail Adams, First Lady, 1744-1818;

Alice Brady, Actress, 1892-1939;
John Braine, Author, 1922-1986;
André Masson, Painter, 1896-1987;
Henry Hall, Bandleader, 1898-1989;
Gerard Kelly, Actor, 1959-2010;
James MacArthur, Actor, 1937-2010;
Bonfire, Horse, 1983-2013.

'UK national newspaper advertising revenue will return to growth' in 2015 and online ad spend is a 'major factor behind second annual increase since 2007' says Mark Sweney at The figure next year is forecast to increase to £1.42bn if the forecast is correct. Says Mr. Sweney, 'newspapers have struggled to cope with the shift of ad spend from print to digital, with 2010 and 2007 the last two years to record positive annual ad growth.' For more, click here.

'The Guardian' says 'is exploring ways in which to use wearable technology' to wait for it - gather news. 'Speaking to The Drum about how the publisher is preparing for any future boom in the wearable tech sector, Grinsted said the Guardian was exploring a variety of ways in which news could be consumed on different wearable devices such as smartwatches and Google Glass, but added that the Guardian was also considering how wearables could be used to create news as well as consume it.' It sort of makes you wonder at what point the very clothes on our back will start gathering news "Street Fight Pictures from Stacy's Bra!" or "Boxer bounces back from Billy Boxer's Boxers - film at 11!" Or is it just us? For more, click here.

Just when you thought we might have heard he last of Rupert Murdoch, news of a play about him emerges. The play, due on stage next year has a problem however. Sam Rigby at says "playwright David Williamson has claimed that some actors are too "scared" to play Rupert Murdoch.' James Cromwell will play the newsman in Sydney, but when it comes to London, nobody wants to take the stage! For more, click here.

'Condé Nast has announced some changes to its digital leadership team' says Fred Santarpia, Lisa Valentino and Josh Stinchcomb will all see changes to their jobs or job descriptions. For more, click here. Oh, and over at Hearst, three changes as well, (anything Condé does, Hearst can do...) so well done and congratulations to Emily Jipson, Melinda Lee and Bernardo Chévez. For more, click here.

David Cameron, prime minister of the United Kingdom is in trouble. You might think it is the additional $1.67 billion pounds the European Union is demanding from Her Majesty's subjects, but you would be wrong. You will be forgiven if you think it has something to do with the Rochester and Strood by-election in a few weeks time... no it all to do with a tee shirt. 'David Cameron has been accused of having an issue with feminism after he refused five times to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase: “This is what a feminist looks like”' says Josh Halliday and Elena Cresci at Future prime ministers Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg have worn in, but not our Dave. It is all to do with Elle apparently and 'Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of Elle, said: “This is a shame on so
many levels, especially given he knew Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband had agreed without hesitation, alongside many other influential men who were more than happy to call themselves feminists. It seems the prime minister still has an issue with the word feminist.”' However, if you read some of the comments on the web page, perhaps Mr. Cameron is actually right - for example: CH'ARRGH MCDOORMAT @ChristinaMcMc: Sorry Elle, but the last thing feminism needs is for David Cameron to declare himself a 'feminist.' Or: Louise Hector @louisehector: I'm glad David Cameron said no to wearing the Elle t-shirt. I really don't want the Prime Minister to wear slogan t-shirts for publicity. For more, click here.

'The Press Association has appointed a former BBC journalist as its new editor-in-chief in succession to Jonathan Grun' reports Mr. 'Clifton, a former editor of the BBC news website and head of editorial development at the corporation, will take up the role on 1 January.' For more, click here.

US advises against Ebola isolation. Toronto elects a moderate conservative mayor. Mexico unearths 'new mass grave'. Nigeria 'in talks with Boko Haram'. BP has confirmed a 25% fall in quarterly . Lloyds Bank confirms 9,000 job losses and the closure of 150 branches.
In a poll, fewer than half of US respondents say intervention in Afghanistan was worthwhile.
Hostage John Cantlie being held by Islamic State, appears in a new video shot in the the Syrian town of Kobane.
Two "rush hours" every day profoundly change the way the
body works, scientists have discovered.
The UK's National Grid warns that its capacity to supply electricity this winter will be at a seven-year low due to generator closures and breakdowns.
Russia says it will recognize the results of controversial rebel elections in eastern Ukraine, planned for 2 November.
A court in Malaysia is hearing a final appeal filed by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim against his sodomy conviction.
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

Oct 27th 2014

Today in History: 1644: Second Battle of Newbury in the English Civil War; 1922: A referendum in Rhodesia rejects the country's annexation to the South African Union; 1936: Mrs Wallis Simpson files for divorce. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Independence Day, Turkmenistan.

Day 300 there are 65 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Chai Rong, Emperor, 921-959;
Viola Allen, Actress, 1869-1948;
Oliver Leese, General, 1894-1978;
Leif Erickson, Actor , 1911-1986;
Dylan Thomas, Poet, 1914-1953;
Oliver Tambo, Politician, 1917-1993;
Monica Sims, Radio producer, 1925-;
Dominick Argento, Composer, 1927-;
Leo Baxendale, Cartoonist, 1930-;
Floyd Cramer, Pianist, 1933-1997;
Maxine Hong Kingston, Author, 1940-;
Carrie Snodgress, Actress , 1946-2004;

Peter Firth, Actor, 1953-;
Marla Maples, Former Mrs. Trump, 1963-;
Volkan Demirel, Footballer, 1981-;
David Warner, Cricketer, 1986-.

People died today:
Ivan III of Russia, 1440-1505;
J "Squizzy" Taylor, Gangster, 1888-1927;

Steve Peregrin Took,
Guitarist, 1949-1980;
Charles Hawtry, Actor, 1914-1988;
Princess Sophie
of Hohenberg, 1901-1990;
Rod Roddy, Announcer, 1937-2003;
Moira Lister, Actress , 1923-2007;

Lou Reed, Singer, 1942-2013.

An apple for the teacher is not only a tradition for children and tutors alike, it is also a poem and a song. But, (and you knew there would be one) 'the American Federation of Teachers wants Time to apologize for this November 3 issue cover, on newsstands Monday' notes Richard Horgan at The AFT say at the core, the 'cover is particularly disappointing because the articles inside the magazine present a much more balanced view of the issue.' For more, click on the apple.

Jo Ann Binz, a name familiar with most people in the circulation and audience development business was the recipient of the annual Angelo R. Venezian award at a dinner last week in Manhattan. Sadly was unable to attend the dinner, but many people told us Jo Ann's speech was really good. So good, it was suggested we reprint here, so we asked Jo Ann, she said yes, and so click here to read her speech.

Bloomberg and Smart Connections have announced plans to publish Bloomberg Businessweek Cesko, a Czech-language edition of the award-winning magazine starting in late November 2014. Under terms of the publishing agreement, Smart Connections will also produce a Czech-language edition of Bloomberg Pursuits, Bloomberg’s award-winning global luxury lifestyle magazine. It will be published every two weeks and will feature global content from Bloomberg’s 2,400 journalists worldwide, including its bureau in Prague. Smart Connections will be responsible for integrating locally-focused business and financial content.

The changing face of technology journalism.

President Dilma Rousseff promises to re-unite a
divided Brazil after narrowly winning re-election with 52% of votes.
Senzo Meyiwa, the captain and goalkeeper of South Africa's national football team, has died after being shot by intruders at his girlfriend's home
A US nurse held in quarantine in New Jersey after treating Ebola patients in West Africa says she will challenge her confinement in court.
A second US pupil has died of her wounds after a Washington state high school student opened fire.
Senior officials from Qatar have strongly denied claims the country is supporting terrorist groups in Syria such as Islamic State.
Tesco shares closed 6.5% down as retailer announced that profits were overstated by £13m more than the original estimate.
Sting musical opens on Broadway. US actress Marcia Strassman has died. Google boss Alan Eustace sets new skydive record. Last British troops leave Helmand. Canada gunman 'made political video' Thousands march in Hungary over internet tax.
David Cameron will "open up a Pandora's box" if he refuses to pay an extra £1.7bn demanded from the UK by the European Union, a senior official warns.
Some of the most significant solar flare activity in nearly 25 years is producing spectacular pictures and could impact on communication signals on Earth, experts warn. Two men have been convicted for pushing a blind and deaf man, and his brother, on to the train tracks at Chelmsford train station in the United Kingdom.

Oct 24th 2014

Today in History: 1812: The Battle of Maloyaroslavets takes place near Moscow; 1911: Orville Wright remains in the air 9 minutes and 45 seconds in a Wright Glider; 1931: The George Washington Bridge opens to public traffic. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 297 there are 68 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Domitian, Emperor, 51-96;
Marie Fel, Opera singer, 1713-1794;
Sybil Thorndike, Actress, 1882-1976;
Jack Warner, Actor, 1895-1981;
Anne Sharp, Soprano, 1916-2011;
The Big Bopper, Singer, 1930-1959;
Bill Wyman, Singer, 1936-;
Barry Ryan, Singer, 1948-;

Paul Ryan, Singer, 1948-1992;
Ruth Perednik, Psychologist, 1959-;
BD Wong, Actor, 1960-;
Mary Bono, Politician, 1961-;
Jacqueline McKenzie, Actress, 1967-;
Felicia Chin, Actress, 1984-.

People died today:
Jane Seymour, Wife of Henry VIII
of England, 1508-1537;

Dutch Schultz, Mobster, 1902-1935;

Franz Lehár, Composer, 1870-1948;
Marghanita Laski, Journalist, 1915-1988;
Gene Roddenberry,
Screenwriter, 1921-1991;
Stella Brooks, Singer, 1910-2002;
Rosa Parks, Activist, 1913-2005;

Manna Dey, Singer, 1919-2013.

Wenner Media is losing a publisher, Vincent Krsulich to be precise and he is, or was, the publisher of Men's Journal. Mr. Krsulich is, or was, the fifth publisher of the magazine in six years and at the time of publishing this article, there was no news as to who is brave enough to be publisher number six.

Jon Swaine at reports that 'Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is considering a return to the payroll for Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the Sun and the News of the World, with a senior job in New York.' Quite what New York, or America has done to deserve this honor we are not sure. Says Mr. Swaine 'the timing of Brooks’s return would provoke controversy given the forthcoming criminal trials of former Sun journalists. They are known to be furious at the difference in their treatment compared to that of senior executives such as Brooks.' For more, click here.

'Media companies have been streamlining their businesses by cleaving off under performing print units from more lucrative TV, film and digital businesses' says Michael Sebastian at Time did it, tribune did it... and notes Mr. Sebastian, Meredith are not opposed to the idea either. For more, click the covers.

Nylon Media Names Paul Greenberg CEO

Meredith’s Local Media Group Revenue Up 39% to $125 Million in Fiscal First Quarter

EU finance ministers agree to David Cameron's call for emergency
talks after the UK is told it must pay an extra £1.7bn.
NY doctor tests positive for Ebola.
Canada attack 'not linked to IS'
Europe's biggest football clubs consider asking Fifa to hold the 2022 World Cup in May to avoid the intense summer heat.
Sweden calls off its massive week-long search for a suspected Russian submarine.
Surgeons in Australia say they have performed the first heart transplant using a "dead heart".
One of the suspects in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, beheaded in 2002, is set free by an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan.
People are being monitored in Mali after the nation confirmed a two-year-old girl as its first Ebola case.
Miranda Hart calls time on BBC sitcom.
AMC buys into BBC America.
Condé Nast International is set to host a hackathon in London next month.

Oct 23rd 2014

Today in History: 1946: The United Nations General Assembly convenes for the first time; 1958: The Smurfs, a fictional race of blue dwarves, appear for the first time. Holidays and Observances: National Day, Hungary.

Day 296 there are 69 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Charles Kilpatrick, Runner, 1874-1921;
Una O'Connor, Actress, 1880-1959;

Mel Winkler, Actor, 1941-;
Doug Flutie, Football player, 1962-;
Ryan Reynolds, Actor, 1976-;

People died today:
Tiedemann Giese, Bishop, 1480-1550;
W. G. Grace, Cricketer, 1848-1915;
Al Jolson, Singer, 1886-1950;
Gerda Lundequist, Actress, 1871-1959;

Robert Merrill, Singer, 1919-2004;
Stella Obasanjo, First Lady, 1945-2005;

The Media Next show has just finished in New York and what a diverse show it was. Many of us who attended the show could not help but compare the show now to what is was 25 years ago.

Back then, as we shall affectionately refer to the late 80s, the program was very clearly defined -- circulation, production, editorial and ad sales are the sessions that come to mind. Nowadays the sessions are defined as Disruption, Execution: Content & Agility, Execution: Marketing & Infrastructure and Execution: Sales & Innovation.

Back then many of the sessions lasted half a day, some all day; nowadays it is mostly done in 45-minute blocks. Back then you were given hand out material that you could make notes on during the seminar and take with you. Nowadays it is people taking pictures of screens with cameras. Back then the people programming the show made allowances for the level of knowledge attendees might have, usually split into basic and advanced. Now, not so much. Back then the object in most cases was for the speaker to teach the attendees, impart their knowledge and nurture the future. Now… well the intention may be there, but in reality, you don’t learn that much. I am still using the handout material on renewals Elliot Schein handed out back in 1988 – the information was that good.

Part of the problem today is we are expected to be ‘Jacks or Jills of all trades’, depending on your chromosomes, which is all well and good, but many as the saying goes are ‘masters of none.’

I attended many of the sessions, some better than others, but rarely did I get tips that I could use wearing my ‘Jack of all trades’ hat. This was not the fault of the speakers, or the program.  The problem is speakers, in most cases, do not really know who’s in the audience. Back in the 80’s it was easy: circulation, production, editorial and design, ad sales.  Now it’s Disruption, Execution: Content & Agility, Execution: Marketing & Infrastructure and Execution: Sales & Innovation. So now you do not really know whom you are addressing and as a result it is difficult to tailor a presentation.

Some of the speakers were great – I am still chortling at Dan Shannon and Jimmy Jellinek. Stacy Gaither and Matt Strelecki gave out some good information, and it is always good to have confirmed that what you think, is in line with others in the business. However from a practical viewpoint, it is very difficult to learn anything new because the sessions have to be so general. Catering to the Jacks and Jills of all trades is not easy.

The show seemed well attended, although I think the exhibit hall seemed somewhat sparse on occasions… many occasions truth be told.

However with so little time between sessions and the exhibit hall being on a separate floor it was not easy to check email, pee, go up stairs, get back down stairs and find the next room all in 15 minutes. And I am not sure how relevant many of the exhibitors were to the people that attended. In one session I attended, of the sixty people in the room, about 80% of them were editors. Notably missing from the conference were the audit bureaus. That surprised me.  Whether their non-participation is a reflection of the importance, or lack of it, that publishers place on auditing data I don’t know.  It may be the audience is too varied for the bureaus.

In the past, a month before the conference our phones would be ringing off the hook with people wanting to know if a) we were going and b) if we were, could we meet? The answer to both questions was always “yes” and “let’s meet in the exhibit hall” thus creating more traffic. Nowadays to just get into the exhibit hall I think the charge is $125, which in my opinion is $124.99 too much – but that is just my opinion.

All in all the Media Next team did a good job, presented a good program and certainly tried to get people into the exhibit hall – although I am not sure Bloody Mary’s at eight o’clock in the morning is a good thing. The demonstrations on Tuesday were very hard to hear mainly because they were held in the ballroom, where the exhibit hall was, and too much volume from the demos would have made talking to vendors almost impossible – nice idea, but did not quite work.

It's amazing, but true - 'conversations about articles are far more likely to happen in Facebook feeds than on publishers’ own sites' scribes Ricardo Bilton but says Ricardo 'publishers, however, are fighting back. To turn the tide, some publishers are reinvesting in their own tech in an effort to build stronger communities on their sites.' Relying on a third party, which is basically what social media is, is never a good thing and besides it is a great deal easier controlling what appears on media outlets you control than outlets owned and run by someone else. For more, click here.

Ben Bradlee died on Tuesday at the ripe old age of 93 and there is a very good piece about him on by Steve Cohn. Mr. Bradlee sort of made the Washington Post famous, some would argue two young journalists actually did that, but it was Bradlee's wisdom that ensured when the news finally broke, it was rock solid. 'He presided over The Washington Post newsroom for 26 years and guided The Post’s transformation into one of the world’s leading newspapers' notes Robert G. Kaiser at 'Bradlee began end-of-life care at his home last month after suffering from Alzheimer's disease and dementia for several years' says John Holton and Todd Leopold at "He was diagnosed a while ago, but it became obvious that he had a serious problem about two years ago," his wife, Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn, said in a recent C-SPAN interview. Click below too see USA TODAY Publisher Larry Kramer, Executive Editor David Colton and Editor-at-Large Rem Rieder talk about their memories with former Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee.

Simon Dumenco Named Advertising Age Editorial Director

Lisa Lockwood at notes 'when people talk about a “dearth” of talent in fashion and retailing, it appears to be a misnomer. If Harvard Business Review is any standard, this sector is alive and well when it comes to the world’s best-performing chief executive officers.' It's all in the November issue and you probably will not be surprised to learn that Jeffrey Bezos is the number 1 CEO, but '14 of them hail from the fashion and retailing world' enthuses Lisa... for more, click here.

'Family Communications Inc—the publisher of parenting magazines for 65 years — has purchased Sampling Canada, publishers of the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide from owners Alan and Maureen Donaldson' notes, 'the publication aims to keep those newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes informed about their illness. For more, click the cover.

Singer Alvin Stardust has died aged 72 after recently being diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. Canada's prime minister insists his country will not be intimidated, after a gunman rampages through parliament.
Police killer Harry Roberts is to be released after more than 45 years. Another White House fence jumper has been arrested.
Four guilty of Blackwater killings.
President Barack Obama expresses cautious optimism about the Ebola situation in the US.
The mayor of the Mexican town of Iguala, where 43 students went missing last month, is wanted for allegedly ordering police to confront them.
Argentina demands Top Gear apology after a row over an edition of Top Gear filmed in the South American country.
Japan's new trade minister Yoichi Miyazawa is forced to defend himself after it emerged support staff spent office money at a sex club.
The chief executive of Russia's Vnukovo airport and his deputy resign after a plane crash this week that killed the head of France's Total, Christophe de Margerie.
Dozens of women and girls are abducted from two villages in north-eastern Nigeria by suspected militants, despite an alleged truce, residents say.
Microsoft is ditching the Nokia brand name.
E-Cigarettes have ben quietly banned on London trains and buses. Camel cigarette maker Reynolds American Inc has banned smoking from its offices and buildings.
Google offers new email app.
New North Sea oil field discovered.

Oct 17th 2014

Today in History: 1091: A tornado thought to be of strength T8/F4 strikes the heart of London, England; 1800: Britain takes control of the Dutch colony of Curaçao; 1917: First British bombing of Germany in World War. Holidays and Observances: Loyalty Day, Argentina; Dessalines Day, Haiti.

Day 290 there are 75 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Jupiter Hammon, Poet; 1711-1806;
Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, 1853-1920;
Roy Kilner, Cricketer, 1890-1928;
Jean Arthur, Actress, 1900-1991;
Irene Ryan, Actress, 1902-1973;
Pope John Paul I, 1912-1978;
Marsha Hunt, Actress, 1917-;
Rita Hayworth, Actress, 1918-1987;
Harry Carpenter,
Sportscaster, 1925-2010;
The Singing Nun, Nun, 1933-1985;

Paxton Whitehead, Actor, 1937-;
Margot Kidder, Superman's
Girlfriend, 1948-;
Guy Henry, Actor, 1960-;
Bernie Nolan, Singer , 1960-2013;
Mark Gatiss, Actor, 1966-;
Chris Kirkpatrick, Singer, 1971-;
Matthew Macfadyen, Actor, 1974-;

Erin Karpluk, Actress, 1978-;
Max Irons, Actor, 1985-.

People died today:
Agrippina the Elder, 14BC-33;

Orest Kiprensky, Painter, 1782-1836;
Frédéric Chopin, Composer, 1810-1849;
Bart King, Cricketer, 1873-1965;
Vola Vale, Actress, 1897-1970;

Larry Jennings, Magician, 1933-1997;
Joan Hickson, Actress , 1906-1998;

Levi Stubbs, Singer, 1936-2008;
Mother Antonia, Nun, 1926-2013;
Giant George, Dog , 2005-2013.

'GQ has added Matthew Schnipper as a senior editor' writes Chris O' Shea at Mr. Schnipper will look after style coverage on and says Jim Nelson, GQ's editor: Matt brings a wonderful wealth of knowledge, not to mention an award winning resume, to the GQ team.” For more, click here.

Ricardo Bilton scribes 'Apple was supposed to save publishers, but these days, it seems like publishers need to be saved from Apple.' And we bet you are asking "why?" 'Apple introduced Newsstand, a feature that gave iOS users a dedicated home for their digital magazines and newspapers' notes Mr. Bilton, and this was three years ago. However, three years later 'Newsstand is holding them back and, in some cases, actively hurting them.'

The problem seems to be in the way the system notifies users when a new publication is ready, and as we all know, - but still seem to not want to accept - readers can not remember to read the magazine. As a result people unsubscribe and a sale is lost - not our words, the words of owner of 'The Magazine,' Glenn Fleishman, which stopped publishing last week. For more, click here.

If you want media on from Monday you will not be able to get media from IWantMedia. as, says Keith J. Kelly at (and as it happens because the 'fourteen-year-old will go dark on Monday.' “We will be letting subscribers know on Monday that it will be going dark for awhile,” said Jeff Wilbur, president of Adweek. For more, click here.

The Hottest Magazine Covers of 2014 (So Far)

Additional charges have been filed against Omar Gonzalez, accused of scaling the White House fence. Comedian Joan Rivers died of brain damage from low blood oxygen, the New York medical examiner's office rules. A family spokeswoman has confirmed that a body found in a ravine near Seattle is 32-year-old actress Misty Upham.
More than 40 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a series of attacks in mainly Shia areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
A group of Caribbean countries will deny entry to foreigners who have travelled through the three West African countries most affected by Ebola.
David Cameron urges more EU action on Ebola.
Apple reveals its thinnest iPad.
At least 14 people are feared dead in an accident at a pop concert in Seongnam, south of Seoul in South Korea, when a ventilation grate collapsed and a group of concert-goers fell 65 feet into an underground parking area.
A deadly new disease has emerged in Spain that is wiping out amphibians, scientists report.
International pledges of help to Africa's Ebola-hit regions have not yet had any impact on the epidemic, a leading medical charity says.
Not surprisingly... author John Grisham has apologized for criticizing the US justice system's "harsh" punishment of those viewing indecent images of children.

Oct 16th 2014

Today in History: 690: Empress Wu Zetian ascends to the throne of the Tang dynasty; 1946: Nuremberg Trials: Execution of the convicted Nazi leaders of the Main Trial. Holidays and Observances: Teachers' Day, Chile; World Anaesthesia Day - yes there really is a World Anaesthesia Day Day!

Day 289 there are 76 days remaining this year.

People born today:
James II of Scotland, 1430-1460;
Noah Webster,
Lexicographer, 1758-1843;
Oscar Wilde, Author, 1854-1900;

Michael Collins, Politician, 1890-1922;
Goose Goslin, Baseball
player, 1900-1971;
Angela Lansbury, Actress, 1925-;
Ann Morgan Guilbert, Actress, 1928-;
Suzanne Somers, Actress, 1946-;
Priidu Beier, Poet, 1957-;
Tim Robbins, Actor, 1958-;
Gary Kemp, Singer, 1959-;

Mark Lee, Actor, 1968-;
Kellie Martin, Actress, 1975-;

David Rawle, Actor, 2000-.

People died today:
Pope Gregory XIV, 1535-1591;
Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, Politician, 1658-1730;
Marie Antoinette, Wife of
Louis XVI of France, 1755-1793;

Minor Hall, Drummer, 1897-1959;
Leo G. Carroll, Actor, 1886-1972;
Dan Dailey, Actor, 1913-1978;
Cornel Wilde, Actor, 1915-1989;
Eric Malpass, Author , 1910-1996;
Ursula Howells, Actress, 1922-2005;

Ross Davidson, Actor, 1949-2006;

Deborah Kerr, Actress, 1921-2007;
Barbara Billingsley, Actress, 1915-2010;
Aleksandr Koshkyn, Boxer , 1959-2012;
Saggy Tahir, Politician, 1944-2013.

Hearst Magazines UK 'is concerned that the use of native advertising is “undermining” the brand and creating a poor customer experience for mobile users, according to its group digital sales director Stephen Edwards.' Native advertising is where adverts are designed to blend in with the editorial in such a way that it is almost impossible to tell one from t'other. Views differ widely with experts supporting both sides of the argument, indeed the same native advert can be acceptable in one area, and not in another. Surely people who pay for content are paying for content from the media owner, they are paying for the owner's views, news, stories and expertise - are they also paying for a disguised advertisement?

'Stephen Edwards speaking at The Drum’s Joy of CX event in London said the balance between the experience for consumers and for advertisers is a “big topic” at the publisher.' It is a fine line trying to ascertain what the difference is between 'creating an audience experience' and 'improving the bottom line.' For more, click here.

Benjamin Schwarz is the new national editor of The American Conservative which was founded by Scott McConnell, Patrick Buchanan, and Taki Theodoracopulos back in 2002. Currently the circulation is about 8,000 copies every other month. Mr. Schwarz has been at The Atlantic for the last fourteen years. For more, click here.

The World Health Organization says a major outbreak of Ebola in the West is unlikely, as US President Obama orders a "more aggressive" response.
UK David Cameron says action is needed to curb EU immigration.
About 140 people are rescued from Nepal's Himalayan
hiking routes after blizzards struck the region.
Neil Patrick Harris to host 87th Academy Awards in 2015. Actress Elizabeth Pena, who appeared in films including Lone Star and Rush Hour, has died at the age of 55. ISIS 'nearly driven out of Kobane'. Hong Kong ready for talks' with protesters.
The UK's Channel 4 has announced actor William Hurt
is to lead the cast of its new sci-fi drama "Humans."
The billionaire investor who previously labeled his investment in Tesco a "huge mistake", has sold another big tranche of shares. HBO will launch a streaming service in the US, providing consumers with an alternative to subscribing to expensive cable packages Novelist John Grisham says people who look at child sex abuse images "probably had too much to drink" and should be given lighter prison sentences. Netflix shares plunge on slow growth. Comedian David Walliams accepts undisclosed damages from News Group Newspapers over phone-hacking claims.
Harrison Ford joins UK flying club.
Life expectancy in Scotland increases.
The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh pay tribute to World War One personnel at a Tower of London art installation.

A halloween nightmare... Click here to read more....

Halloween sucks... And Another Thing!
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Jo Ann Binz, a name familiar with most people in the circulation and audience development business was the recipient of the annual Angelo R. Venezian award at a dinner last week in Manhattan. Sadly was unable to attend the dinner, but many people told us Jo Ann's speech was really good. So good, it was suggested we reprint here, so we asked Jo Ann, she said yes, and so click here to read her speech.

We act as if “native advertising” is something new, so what is it and how should we best use it... an introduction to "native advertising!" Click here to read.

Virtually all marketing campaigns are most successful when they employ a multi-channel approach to a targeted audience... even in the "all-digital" world. Click here to read more....

On October 16th last year, a new regulation from the FCC went into effect. Ronen Ben-Dror asks how does the FCC rule affect you in the B2B environment? Click here to read more....

The Interactive Advertising Bureau found that more than a third of web traffic is fraudulent and BPA says only 40% of ads measured are actually viewable, but how much of a problem is this? Click here to read more....

Telemarketers are well aware of the Personal Identifier Question and recent changes in rules regarding the PIQ have caused somewhat of a debate in the industry. Ronen Ben-Dror of Blue Valley Telemarketing takes a look at what gives. Click here to read more....

An accurate call list is an extremely important aspect in waging a successful telemarketing campaign. Scrubbing the list is the responsibility of the publishing company and the telemarketing agency. Click here to read more....

Customers of telemarketing services often commission work without undertaking even the most elementary checks. What should the informed customer look for when choosing an outbound telemarketing agency? Click here to read,

Publishers need to address the USPS's suggested increase before it is too late. Click here to read,

Evaluating how a campaign is working while agents are in the process of communicating with current or potential clients, live monitoring is an essential tool. Can companies afford to waste all those efforts on a careless approach to monitoring the campaign? Of course not. Click here to read more....

Social media channels today are playing an interesting role in the future and the publishing world now views social media as a positive exchange with subscribers, so To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That Tis the Question Click here to read more....

How Well Do You Know Your Audience? The more you know, says Ronen Ben-Dror, this could eliminate the battle of qualifying leads. Click here to read more....

Free magazines are different from "Controlled" as we all know, but the distinction is becoming less and less relevant to advertisers. Click here!

Sending out a direct mail campaign requires a good lettershop operation... Karen Tyson explains....

Cash flow is probably the most important resource any business has. Benefit from Peter's insight and knowledge. Click here to read this exclusive article.

How to manage a telemarketing campaign and make it work for you. Karen Tyson explains....

While all major publishers maintain marketing databases, it is just as important for small publishers too. Pam would argue it’s more important than ever to maintain a database as a tool for identifying, developing and implementing strategy. Click here!

Circulation can be an asset on a sales call. Peter Lenahan explains what to do, and as importantly not what to do in this exclusive article. Click here!

For years the concept of earning and deferring income has confused many, but it is not that difficult. Get the facts behind earned and deferred income from Peter Sangiorgio. Click here to read more....

Getting a direct mail package printed takes advance planning. Karen Tyson has some thoughts and ideas as to how to make this sometimes daunting prospect easier to handle... Karen Tyson explains....

Enjoy and benefit from this exclusive article for written by Peter Lenahan who explains why the circulation staff keep the sales force motivated, and how that benefits all concerned. Click here!

Reader's response: One of most intelligent articles I have ever read on ad sales and the all-important relationship with circulation. Well said. Harry S, Sacramento, Calif - via email.

Businesses that put their customers front and center will ultimately win and the secret to successfully scaling CRM practices into any large organization is to really understand your markets. Benefit from Pam's years of experience and learn how to segment your file and become a success. Click here for Pam's insight.

To develop a realistic circulation forecast based upon current economic, industry, and company conditions is part of any circulation director's job. Benefit from the accountant's view and read Peter Sangiorgio's 5 Simple Tips to consider when developing a Circulation Budget. Click here for Peter's insight.

Rebecca Sterner is one of the most respected people in the audience development job function. Now you can benefit from Rebecca's knowledge on Setting Up an Auto Renewal Program. Click here.

When executing a direct mail program, you should give lots of thought to the requirements of merge/purge. This could end up saving you a great deal of money, not forgetting making your life a great deal easier. Karen Tyson explains...

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Planning Your Audience Development Efforts by Kinjal Husges. Click here to read more....


Not sure who is handling the promotions over at Vegetarian Times, but whoever it is, they are doing a great job.

In our last issue we got a renewal reminder informing us we had only one issue left.

There is a sticker on the outer envelope to remove and put on the order card inside. Good copy pointing out 'Last Chance for Maximum Savings!' and also a rather intriguing $25,000 Prize Number. Inside is a four color brochure just for good measure. These people obviously know the value of renewals. Click on any of the images above to see larger samples.

The original order was placed through Publishers Clearing House and sweeps sold, means sweeps renewed, and this is what the prize being offered is all about. Excellent technique.

Also, since we were looking at the current issue of Vegetarian Times, well done for including not one, not two, but three insert cards in the magazine.

Here's a good offer from Oracle Magazine for a qualified controlled publication. It has good benefits copy and makes requesting Oracle Magazine easy with a couple of "Subscribe Now" buttons.  There is interesting PS copy offering a new publication for those who might be interested in Java Magazine as well as Oracle. The design is clean, uncluttered and attractive. To view the offer, click here. Not sure why the publisher is only offering six free issues, but given the quality of the promotion there must be a very good reason.

Here's a nice promotion from The Nation.  It's quick to read, offers an invitation to receive exclusive free offers - it's a flattering offer and comes from a credible publication.

It ultimately leads you to a subscription landing page offering 4 free issues (very strong offer) plus attractive subscription prices and a choice of format - print or online access.
The promotion is clean and uncluttered with enough enticing benefits to attract readership.

Click on the image above for a larger version.

We received our monthly renewal offer from TV Guide this week, and it does all the right things and looks good, and makes ordering very simple. As with many publications the actual renewal date is not mentioned, something which annoys me as a subscriber, but pleases me as a marketer - can you tell I am a Gemini? IF you click on the image above, you can see what happens at the ordering stage, although this is made as simple as possible. Interestingly, for an online order form, and a renewal form at that, TV Guide offers a Bill Me option.

We recently received the regular offer from Opera News and this offer, like our old nanny Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way. '3 Risk-Free Issues' always a vote grabber, a free gift offer of a CD, an involvement device, savings of 68%, and a reply by instruction. We may have died and gone to heaven!

Inside, or the reverse depending on your point of view, 'Free' is mentioned not once, nor twice but four times in as many paragraphs and an excellent re-stating of what we are going to get, or not if we don't reply in ten days. The Free issues are even restated on the reply card. Whoever wrote and designed this should be sent a bag of onions, because they sure as hell know them. It looks good, does all the right things and Opera News mail it regularly, so we can conclude that it works for them. (Click here or on the thumbnail to view larger image.


Here is the latest offering from People magazine. Nice personalized outer envelope, and a simple and concise brochure showing good covers and copy that sells the subscription. To order, it's old school, snail mail - no mention of ordering via the web anywhere. Nice package and well done to People for knowing that direct mail via the post office is still a good way to get orders.

Click on the image to see large versions.

Here’s what appears to be an advance renewal offer from Vegetarian Times.  It’s a renewal sweeps – smart idea because the original sub order was placed through PCH.  We’re assuming it’s an advance renewal as only one copy of the subscription has been received thus far.  The offer is a strong one –a 78% saving on the renewal plus a chance to win $25,000 (along with other prizes).  Package includes clever “sweeps” techniques on the outer envelope, an offer deadline and small flyer detailing prizes.  Good job, Vegetarian Times!

Click on the image to see large versions.



We received this double postcard from GQ magazine. The card looks great, has a nice cover and a nice free gift, but also has a rather confusing offer. '24 issues of GQ for only $20.00 - that's 83c (plus 17 cents shipping and handling) per issue; in other words $24.00 then. If you add 83 cents to 17 cents, you get $1.00 which if you then multiply by 24 issues you get $24.00. Click on the image to see large versions.


When my subscription of 'The Week' arrived last week, inside the envelope was an offer for 12 issues of 'The Oldie' magazine. As far as I am aware these magazines are independent of each other, but have a great deal in common.

This is a nice way of promoting a magazine that is probably already known to readers of another magazine and would be fairly cheap to produce and execute. Nice offer. Click on the image for a larger view of the outside and inside.


Always nice to get something from 'The Economist' as they always do things so well.

A free copy of 'The World in 2013' is a nice incentive for the readers among us, and a free tablet cover for the tecchies to boot - which also indirectly pushes the digital version.

The predominant red is great as it screamed "ECONOMIST" as soon as I opened my email. Oh and 69c a copy, they got me! [Click here or on image for large version].
Now I just have to get a tablet - Christmas is coming!


'People' really knows how to use it's house file. Good offer, nice creative and use of personalization.

The offer is strong and the order form is pre-populated - what's not to love? (Click on the image to see larger size and also the order form page.


This is an interesting offer. On the one hand it pushes newsstand sales, you can save $1.00 if you print out the coupon. However if you clicked on the Save $1.00 link you can also subscribe and get eight issues free.

An offer is an offer,
even though this offer
is not publishing related,
it has ignored basic
promotion rule 1-0-1:
Know Thy Prospect!


To view larger size, click on the above image.

A recent offer from People magazine. It looks simple but a great deal of thought has gone into this offer, not least the cover featured on the tablets.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

Let's state it up front - we know the email at the end of the link is spam. Even so, it is a great example of why some design is a good thing in email promotions - even text only promotions. We cannot believe anyone who got this email would even have got so far a clicking a link! Click here to see the email, which is a screen shot taken from our computer.

Rebecca Sterner wrote on CircSpot on how to set up an autorenewal. It just so happens that today we received our auto renewal for Time. In all honesty we had not planned to renew it, but it is done, and although we could cancel it, $81.00 for 56 issues is not worth the hassle of canceling, so we guess the auto renewal worked... at least in our case.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

A reader looked for something on the Times of London web site, and this popped up while the page they wanted to view was loading. He liked it, took a picture, and sent it to us - thanks Glyn C-R of Buckinghamshire.

A reader subscribed to Fast Company and paid $10.00 for a subscription. After placing the order, they received an email offering a $5.00 credit if she can get another person to subscribe in the next 6 hours. This seemed like a very clever idea to the the person who sent us the information - and we agree.

This column is reserved for creative.