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Apr 22nd 2014

Today in History: 1864: The U.S. Congress passes the Coinage Act of 1864 ; 1949: Haifa, a major port of Israel, is captured from Arab forces; 1970: The first Earth Day is celebrated. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 112 there are 253 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Pope Alexander VIII, 1610-1691;
Vittorio Jano, Engineer, 1891-1965;
Eddie Albert, Actor, 1906-2005;
George Cole, Actor, 1925-;
Glen Campbell, Singer, 1936-;
Jack Nicholson, Actor, 1937-;
François Berléand, Actor, 1952-;
Madis Kallas, Decathlete, 1981-.

People died today:
Pope Caius, ???-296;
Pope Agapetus I, ???-536;
Peter III of Raqqa, ???-591;
Richard Nixon, Politician, 1913-1994;
Richie Havens, Singer, 1941-2013.

'Vogue is in the process of expanding its Web site' reports which has not redesigned the site since 2010. A 'shift and addition of staff to from the print publication has been in the works' for quite some time reports Alexandra Steigrad, and for more of Alex's report, click the page on the right.

'Kristen Baldwin has been promoted to deputy editor' of Entertainment Weekly says editor, Matt Bean. Also, (yes, there's more!) reports 'Bean also promoted Meeta Agrawal from assistant managing editor, to executive editor, television' as well as other moves. For more, click here.

'Media honchos to be named Time directors' says Keith J. Kelly, which is... well... not that surprising really. We already know Sir Howard Stringer, businessman from the Welsh valleys is just about on board at the new company. Now Mr. Kelly suggests 'USA Networks founder Kay Koplovitz, former Tribune Co. CEO Dennis FitzSimons and John Fahey, former head of National Geographic Society’s media operations' will also be on the board. For more, click here.

BBC journalist Kurt Barling, who was made redundant by the organization has claimed that it “doesn’t respect” its black members of staff.
Munich-based Forum Media Group has acquired a controlling interest in B2B and consumer mag publisher Kenilworth.
US urges Russian action on Ukraine.
A 16-year-old boy survives a journey hidden in the wheel well of a five-hour flight from California to Hawaii. (Suggestions that it was better than "coach" cannot be confirmed... or denied.)
Oklahoma's highest court delays the execution of two murderers who challenged state secrecy over the drugs used to kill death row inmates.
Bolivia raises minimum wage by 20%.

Apr 21st 2014

Today in History: 753BC: Romulus founds Rome; 1509: Henry VIII ascends the throne of England. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 111 there are 254 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Charlotte Brontë, Author, 1816-1855;
John Thayer, Cricketer, 1862-1912;
Issy Bonn, Entertainer, 1903-1977;
Elizabeth II of The United Kingdom, 1926-;
Robin Ibbs, Banker, 1926-;
Arthur Rowley, Sportsman, 1926-2002;
Gerald Flood, Actor, 1927-1989;
Angela Barrett, Tennis player, 1932-;
Patti LuPone, Singer, 1949-;
Robin Meade, Journalist, 1969-.

People died today:
Bardas, Byzantine chief minister, ???-856;
Mark Twain, Author, 1835-1910;
Robert Bridges, Poet, 1844-1930;
Captain Steve, Race horse, 1997-2013.

Michael Janeway, former editor of The Boston Globe and executive editor of The Atlantic Monthly, has died at his home in Lakeville, Conn., at age 73. For more, click here.

A spokeswoman for Vogue has said 'he magazine will no longer work with Terry Richardson, in the wake of new allegations that the celebrity photographer offered a model the chance to be in the magazine in exchange for sex' says a report at, whose work last appeared in the magazine nearly four years ago. For more, click here.

Rukmini Callimachi wins The Atlantic’s
2014 Michael Kelly Award

'First-quarter advertising for magazines was such a mixed bag it’s hard to draw any overarching conclusions' writes Bill Cromwell at

'Martha Stewart Living saw the sharpest decline in the category, off 34.8%' says Bill, which is definitely not a good thing. Some titles did gain, but not mainly, for more details of those, click here.

'The celebrity/entertainment titles tracked by Media Life were up 1.6%' with Star magazine doing very well at over 27% increase in advertising. For more, click here.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye condemns the conduct of some of the crew of the ferry that sank last week
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the US
boxer whose wrongful conviction for
murder caused an international outcry,
dies aged 76.
Paolo Nutini tops the charts with Caustic Love, which becomes the fastest-selling album of the year.
In the UK, the National Union of Teachers' conference votes for a summer-term strike over pay and workload
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses the Kiev authorities of breaking last week's Geneva accord on resolving the Ukraine crisis.
The incidence of the most serious skin cancer is now five times higher than it was in the 1970s, figures show.
London Underground workers are to stage five days of strike action in the coming weeks in the long-running row over Tube ticket office closures.

Apr 18th 2014

Today in History: 1518: Bona Sforza is crowned as queen consort of Poland; 1831: The University of Alabama is founded; 1909: Joan of Arc is beatified in Rome. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Zimbabwe; Good Friday.

Day 108 there are 257 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Clarence Darrow, Lawyer, 1857-1938;
Abd-ru-shin, Author, 1874-1941;
Barbara Hale, Legal Secretary, 1922-;
James Drury, Actor, 1934-;
Eric Roberts, Actor, 1956-;
Melody Thomas Scott, Actress, 1956-;
Jane Leeves, Actress, 1961-;
David Tennant, Actor, 1971-;
Inna Zlidnis, Footballer, 1990-.

People died today:
Julius Caesar, Judge, 1557-1636;
Will Hay, Actor, 1888-1949;
Dick Clark, Television host, 1929-2012;
Estella Diggs, Politician, 1916-2013.

'It was power night in Manhattan Wednesday' reports Alexandra Steigrad and Rosemary Feitelberg at and judging by the pictures, a good night was had by all. 'The Hollywood Reporter and Fortune magazine celebrated their own “Most Powerful” lists — always a favorite feature of publishers eager to drum up advertising against them' says the ladies, who are not wrong. One magazine celebrated its “35 Most Powerful People in Media” and the other... well click here for more.

In Canada, 'Seekr Media has launched Embark' reports' and Embark is a 'digital magazine for fans of interior design and decor with a more cost-effective slant' so says Matt Zanzotto, the publisher. For more, click here.


Meaghan B Murphy is going back from whence she once came as 'executive editor of Good Housekeeping' published by Hearst, says Good Housekeeping reaches an audience of 25 million each month and says Murphy “Good Housekeeping is an iconic and incredibly powerful multiplatform brand, bringing the best ideas and solutions to women’s lives." For more, click here.

Prosecutors in South Korea ask for an arrest warrant for the captain of the ferry that capsized.
President Barack Obama defends his signature healthcare law, saying the debate over its repeal is "over" as he touts high enrollment numbers.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launches re-election bid.
Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died in Mexico aged 87.
In England, the Rutland town of Oakham has had its second earthquake in two days.
BBC newsreader George Alagiah has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Apr 17th 2014

Today in History: 69 : First Battle of Bedriacum; 1524: Giovanni da Verrazzano reaches New York harbor; 1897 : The Aurora, Texas UFO incident. Holidays and Observances: Flag Day, American Samoa.

Day 107 there are 258 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Michael IX Palaiologos,
Emperor, 1277-1320;
Taksin, 1734-1782;
Ernest Starling, Physiologist, 1866-1927;
Fabien Roy, Politician, 1928-;
Anja Silja, Soprano, 1940-;
Sean Bean, Actor, 1959-;
Penny Vilagos, Swimmer, 1963-;
Vicky Vilagos, Swimmer, 1963-;
Sizzla, Rapper, 1976-;
Bel'ange Epako, Footballer, 1995-2013.

People died today:
Proclus, Philosopher, 412-485;
Hannah Webster Foster,
Author, 1758-1840;
Linda McCartney, Vegetarian, 1941-1998;
Paul Ware, Footballer, 1970-2013.

Trying not to use the phrase "make him an offer he can't refuse" (and failing miserably!) editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi has granted Sofia Coppola a childhood dream and let her edit a special edition of the magazine usually under the guide of his blue pencil. As says 'the special edition of W featuring Kirsten Dunst on the cover will accompany the magazine's May issue, which will go on sale Monday.' For more, masculine children click here, all others click here.

Caroline Mayer at had just 'managed to reduce the number of unsolicited catalogues in my mailbox' when she 'started receiving magazines I’d never ordered.' Being the stalwart reporter she is, she decided to see if she could find out why she got these magazines. For more of her report, click here. (Note to Caroline - you are not alone, yesterday we got a copy of Travel + Leisure totally unsolicited.)

Zack Grice has been named publisher of Bicycling magazine. Mr. 'Grice is a 16-year veteran at Bicycling, and the company said he has overseen a turnaround at the magazine since his promotion last fall' says a report on For more, click here.

Patrick Tutwiler at says 'Smithsonian magazine is announcing today that they have brought on New York magazine contributor Matthew Shaer as a staff writer.' For more, click here.

In the land of good Queen Bess, Tony Gallagher until recently the editor of the Daily Telegraph has, according to 'has been named as joint deputy editor at the Daily Mail' another UK daily newspaper. Says the report on 'Gallagher was fired from the Daily Telegraph in January as the company looked to "reinvent the way it works".' For more, click here.

Weather blights South Korea ferry search.
A US federal judge overturns a North Dakota law banning abortion after the foetus' heartbeat can be detected.
A 19-year-old Canadian citizen is charged with hacking into the Canada Revenue Agency's website.
Iran has neutralized half of its higher-enriched uranium stockpile
Russia's President Putin says he hopes he will not have to exercise his "right" to send troops into Ukraine.
Veteran British directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach see their new films selected for competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Apr 16th 2014

Today in History: 73: Masada, a Jewish fortress, falls to the Romans; 1746: The Battle of Culloden is fought; 1853: The first passenger rail opens in India. Holidays and Observances: Birthday of Queen Margrethe II, Denmark.

Day 106 there are 259 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun,
Painter, 1755-1842;
Octave Crémazie, Poet, 1827-1879;
Ernst Thälmann, Politician, 1886-1944;
Leo Tindemans, Politician, 1922-;
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 1927-;
Vince Hill, Singer, 1937-;
Ellen Barkin, Actress, 1954-;
Vico Thai, Actor, 1981-;
Princess Eléonore of Belgium, 2008-.

People died today:
Otho, Emperor, 32-69;
Samuel Smiles, Author, 1812-1904;
People of the Virginia
Tech massacre, 2007;
Charles Bruzon, Politician , 1938-2013.

Bernard Vaughan at reports the lawsuit 'claiming Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc tried to undercut a business partner's relationship with pet products retailer PetSmart Inc can proceed.' In reading Bernard's report, it all sounds a bit of a mess, and certainly is not a "good thing." For more, click here.

Like it or not native advertising is here to stay, and Lucia Moses at reports that Condé Nast has 'now embraced native ads in earnest.' Pantene, the hair people says Lucia 'is live on four of the company’s women’s sites' and she suggests these paid advertisements, sorry articles will shortly be on the men's titles at Condé. For more, click here.

'The B2B magazine segment continues to heat up' says D.B. Hebbard at with new digital magazine launches including Benjamin Media's Utility Contractor. For D. B.'s report, click here.

As suggested earlier in the week, Sir Howard Stringer, former chairman of Sony and CBS has, according to Keith J. Kelly at accepted 'a place on the Time Inc. board.' For more, click here.

Almost 300 people remain unaccounted for after a ferry carrying 459 people capsized and sank off South Korea.
Angela Lansbury says she is "very proud" to be honored by the Queen in the country of her birth.
The New York Police department
shutters a secret programme designed to listen to and track Muslims
Venezuelan government says it will not grant jailed opposition leaders an amnesty.
Ukrainian troops entering an eastern flashpoint town are blocked by civilians.
The girlfriend of South African athlete Oscar Pistorius was shot in quick succession, a forensics expert says
The Belgian director of Africa's oldest national park - Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo - is shot and wounded in an ambush.
The Bitcoin exchange MtGox has been placed in administration by a Japanese court.
Rock band AC/DC are rumored to be on the brink of retirement.

Apr 15th 2014

Today in History: 1715: The Pocotaligo Massacre triggers the start of the Yamasee War in colonial South Carolina; 1892: The General Electric Company is formed; 1896: Closing ceremony of the Games of the I Olympiad in Athens, Greece. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 105 there are 260 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Henry IV of England, 1367-1413;
Nicolas Chopin, Educator, 1771-1844;
Percy Shaw, Inventor, 1890-1976;
Adrian Cadbury, Businessman, 1929-;
Roy Clark, Singer, 1933-;
Kym Gyngell, Actor, 1952-;
Bobby Pepper, Journalist, 1963-;
Arturo Gatti, Boxer, 1972-2009;
Danny Pino, Actor, 1974-;
Emma Watson, Actress, 1990-.

People died today:
Abraham Lincoln, President, 1809-1865;
Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll,
Raymond Bailey, Actor, 1904-1980;
Arthur Lowe, Actor, 1915-1982;
Victims of the RMS Titanic disaster, 1912.

According to Sara Morrison at, 'IBT Media, the parent company of International Business Times and Newsweek, has been violating New York labor law for years by breaking rules for how frequently employees are paid' - and this from 'multiple employees affected' says Sara. The rules seem pretty clear and Sara reports 'in general, the Labor Law specifies how often a covered employee is to be paid' which seems to be determined by the type of work someone does. For more, click here.

'Condé Nast's 19-year-old recipe warehouse Epicurious' reports Kate Kaye at 'is the latest company to join food purveyors such as McCormick in tapping tech firm inMarket's expanding network of mobile tracking beacons, which connect consumers to content and discounts as they stroll the grocery aisles.' Sounds like one more reason not to have a Smartphone to us, for more, click here.

'Sid Evans has been named the new editor in chief of Southern Living' says Michael Tomberlin at Mr. Evans will replace Lindsay Bierman who as we reported yesterday is off to the University of North Carolina. "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to accelerate the growth of this powerful and dynamic brand,” Evans said in a release. For more, click here.

Midland News Association, the 'publisher of Britain’s biggest regional daily has begun a consultation on taking the title overnight as part of a restructure that could see the loss of up to 76 jobs.' Staff at the 'Express and Star' and 'Shropshire Star' are expected to lose their jobs, including 21 circulation staff. For more, click here.

'Livingetc has published an interactive issue' reports and you can be interactive on both editorial and advertising pages. 'The interactive issue allows readers to see products in their own homes, click-to-buy, watch video and view picture galleries' says the report. For more, click on the cover.

Al Jazeera America is slashing expenses and laying off staff as it struggles to gain a foothold in the US.
Andy Coulson has denied his affair with colleague Rebekah Brooks breached professional standards.
Parenting site Mumsnet and Canada's tax collecting agency say that hackers exploiting the Heartbleed bug have stolen data.
The Guardian and Washington Post newspapers share the Pulitzer Prize for public service journalism.
The EU and the US say they will impose "further costs" on Russia over its actions in Ukraine.
Michael Phelps to come
out of retirement.
UK inflation fell to 1.6% in March.
Author Donna Tartt is awarded this year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Apr 14th 2014

Today in History: 1828: Noah Webster copyrights the first edition of his dictionary; 1865: U.S. President Abraham Lincoln is shot in Ford's Theatre; 2003: The Human Genome Project is completed. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 104 there are 261 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Philip III of Spain, 1578-1621;
Anne Sullivan, Educator, 1866-1936;
John Gielgud, Actor, 1904-2000;
Bob Grant, Bus Conductor, 1932-2003;
John Oliver, Bishop, 1935-;
Frank Serpico, Police officer, 1936-;
Myoma Myint Kywe, Historian, 1960-;
Abigail Breslin, Actress, 1996-.

People died today:
Richard Hickock, Murderer, 1933-1965;
Perry Smith, Murderer, 1928-1965;
Noele Gordon, Actress, 1919-1985;
Ellen Corby, Actress, 1911-1999;
Anthony Newley, Entertainer, 1931-1999;
Colin Davis, Conductor, 1927-2013.

'The Net-a-porter Group has tapped John Brodie as editor in chief of its Mr Porter site' scribes Alexandra Steigrad at Mr. Brodie is due to start his new job in the middle of next month and says Alexandra 'will lead editors Jodie Harrison in London and Dan Rookwood in New York and style director Dan May.' For more, click here.

OnEarth magazine will be going digital only with effect from it's Autumn issue says a statement on their website 'OnEarth’s digital version will dedicate each monthly issue to exploring many facets of a single environmental topic with the same kind of depth, rigor, and originality that our readers have come to expect.' There will also be a daly news wire. For more, click here.

'Lindsay Bierman, editor in chief of Southern Living magazine, will be the next chancellor of the UNC School of the Arts' reports 'He will start by August 1 at an annual salary of $255,000' says Jane Stancil's report and is succeeding James Moeser. For more, click here.

Police say 71 people killed and 124 wounded in blasts at crowded bus station on outskirts of Nigeria's capital, Abuja. Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson takes to the witness box for the first time in the phone-hacking trial.
Pro-Russian activists attack another official building in east Ukraine. Gerry Lester "Bubba" Watson wins second Masters title.
At least three people are shot dead at a Jewish community campus and a retirement home in Kansas City.
Tony award-winning actress Phyllis Frelich has died aged 70.
'The Book of Mormon' dominates the musical categories at the 2014 Olivier Awards.
A 42-year-old man who collapsed after finishing the London Marathon has died in hospital.
A Utah woman faces murder charges after the bodies of seven babies are found in cardboard boxes in her garage of her former home.
Peter Sissons, the former BBC anchorman, says the corporation should not have led their main news bulletin with the death of Peaches Geldof.

Apr 11th 2014

Today in History: 1876: The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks is organized; 1970: Apollo 13 is launched; 2011: An explosion in the Minsk Metro, Belarus kills 15 people and injures 204 others. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 101 there are 264 days remaining this year.

People born today:
John Alcock, Composer, 1715-1806;
Arthur Shrewsbury, Cricketer, 1856-1903;
Bernhard Schmidt, Optician, 1879-1935;
Paul Henry, Painter, 1876-1956;
Joel Grey, Actor, 1932-;
David Perrett, Psychologist, 1954-;
Walid Soliman, Author, 1975-;
Morgan Lily, Actress, 2000-.

People died today:
Ernst Ziegler, Actor, 1894-1974;
Enver Hoxha, Politician, 1908-1985;
La Esterella, Singer, 1919-2011.

'Publishers are fighting back against attacks from all sides' reports 'by using big data to draw in more customers and keep them engaged in the brand. Hearst has a team of 8 who are working on crunching years of subscription offers into months, to gain subscribers' says the report and apparently 'Meredith Corp has an average of 800 data points' for all the people in their database, '115 million customers' nearly a third of the population of the U.S.A. Frightened? For more, click here.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based Shannon Media Inc. has launched a new regional magazine... for Knoxville, TN. The editorial team are based in Knoxville at the end of the Daylight Building on the 500 block of Union Avenue, but the magazine is put together back in Chapel Hill. For more, click the cover.

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as my cat, but like Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Mark "Name that Hoodie!" Zuckerberg we don't get a choice as to how we return. 'AlmapBBDO's unusual campaign for Top Magazine, a luxury fashion and lifestyle title in Brazil' reports David Gianatasio has however reincarnated Messrs. Trump, Gates and Zuckerberg... and rather cleverly too - to see who is the owl - and more, click here.

In Canada 'Get Out There magazine is partnering with' reports 'Publisher Marissa Schroder says the magazine, a bimonthly endurance sports and outdoor recreation title, aligns naturally with the shop's customer base.' For more details, cliquez ici!

'Sports Illustrated is inviting Boston residents to be part of its next cover shoot' reports and it will occur 'this Saturday at 7:00 am, on the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth, the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon.' For more, click here.

'BBC Wildlife magazine has undergone a major redesign' reports New features, design and content are the order of the day, for more, click the cover.


US total internet advertising revenues exceeded those
from broadcast television for the first time last year.

IBM has today announced that it is
set to acquire Silverpop, a cloud-based software company.

A man accused of murdering 29 people in the 1998 Omagh bombing is remanded in custody.
Novelist Sue Townsend has died.
US Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns.
New research shows that when a threat comes into view fruit flies make split-second turns reminiscent of those made by fighter jets.
US Congress passes a bill that would bar Iran's pick for UN envoy from entering the country.
US accuses Russia of using gas supplies to try to control Ukraine
A pet parrot has foiled an assault by squawking and flapping its wings at a man who attacked its owner in a London park.

Shoppers at a mall in California were given a shock
when a 4ft-long crocodile was spotted wandering around.

Apr 10th 2014

Today in History: 1815: Mount Tambora volcano begins a three-month-long eruption; 1866: The ASPCA is founded in New York City. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 100 there are 265 days remaining this year.

People born today:
James V of Scotland, 1512-1542;
Juliette Drouet, Actress, 1806-1883;
Margaret Clapp, Author, 1910-1974;
Harry Morgan, Actor, 1915-2011;
Helen McElhone, Politician, 1933-2013;
Margaret Pemberton, Author, 1943-;
David A. Adler, Author, 1947-;
Sara Renner, Skier, 1976-;
Princess Ariane of the Netherlands, 2007-.

People died today:
Pope Gregory XIII, 1502-1585;
Linda Darnell, Actress, 1923-1965;
Dick Hart, Golfer, 1935-2013.

'Time Inc., asked Howard Stringer to become a board member, according to people with knowledge of the matter' says a report at, and the rumor is Mr. Stringer, or Sir Howard, to be more accurate, has not yet made a decision. Sir Howard has previously worked for Sony and CBS and says the report 'Joe Ripp, who will be CEO of the publicly traded company, is working to assemble Time Inc.'s executive ranks and organize its capital structure ahead of the split from Time Warner.' If Joe contacts us and asks us to join the board, we'll let you know. For more, click here.

'Food & Wine' will be welcoming two new members of staff reports Chris O'Shea at as 'Sarah DiGregorio and Yaran Noti have both joined the Food & Wine team' says Chris. For more, click here. Oh, and Chris says the Wall Street Journal has a new economics reporter as well... Oh... and Ginger Thompson is leaving the New York Times for ProPublica, click here for that. And, there's more! Chris also notes Tim Golden is leaving The New York Times and Bobbi Brown is off to Yahoo. For both of these, click here. Busy chap that Chris!

Hollywood decided the U.S. navy captured the Enigma machine and now Rolling Stone has re-written history again, this time by changing the signers of the Constitution. For more, better go to a British newspaper... just in case!. Click here for more.

'The declines in magazine ad pages are accelerating' says Bill Cromwell at with first quarter, pages off 7.6%. The figures are coming from the Publishers Information Bureau who measure 189 magazines and notes Mr. Cromwell 'ad pages... slipped from 31,889.34 during first quarter of last year to 29,476.07 this year.' For more, click here.

Millions of Indians are voting on the first big day of the general election.
Twenty-two people are wounded in a mass stabbing attack at a Pennsylvanian high school.
Net migration to UK 'underestimated' by 346,000.
The fate of Mickey Rooney's remains will be decided this week, following the Hollywood actor's death on Sunday.
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius denies "picking on" his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Senate Republicans block a Democratic bill aimed at closing the gap between what men and women are paid.

Apr 9th 2014

Today in History: 1413: Henry V is crowned King of England; 1867: United States Senate ratifies a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska; 1967: The Boeing 737 makes its maiden flight; 2005: Charles, Prince of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony at Windsor's Guildhall. Holidays and Observances: Martyr's Day, Tunisia.

Day 99 there are 266 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Jean, Cardinal of Lorraine, 1498-1550;
Leopold II of Belgium, 1835-1909;
John B. Gambling,
Radio Show host, 1897-1974;
Paule Marshall, Author, 1929-;
Alan Knott, Cricketer, 1946-;
Linda Kisabaka, Runner, 1969-;
A. J. Ellis, Baseball player, 1981-;
Elle Fanning, Actress, 1998-.

People died today:
Yuan An, Scholar, ??-93;
Tan Daoji, General, ???-436-;
Zeno, Emperor, 425-491;
Pope Constantine, 665-715;
Edward IV of England, 1442-1483;
Phil Ochs, Singer/Songwriter, 1940-1976;
Dave Prater, Singer, 1937-1988;

'Last month'
says D.B Hebbard at
'McGraw-Hill Financial released its first digital editions for its weekly construction title Engineering News-Record.' Some assumed says D.B. that where Engineering News-Record goes, Architectural Record is sure to follow - and follow it has. D.b scribes 'ArchRecord’s new universal Newsstand app is called Architectural Record Digital Edition
and follows the same
pattern as the app for ENR.'
For more, click here.

Alaska Dispatch Publishing the owner of Alaska Dispatch, a digital news magazine has 'agreed to buy the Anchorage Daily News from The McClatchy Company for $34 million' says Jason Abbruzzese at, thus merging Alaska's most 'well-read website' with the 'largest newspaper.' Pat Talamantes, McClatchy's president and CEO, said bringing the newspaper under local ownership would be advantageous.' For more, click here.

'From its 1953 inception and entry into the giveaway business seven years later, Publishers Clearing House has since come a long way' says Richard Horgan at

Vanity Fair editor in chief Graydon Carter will be inducted to the American Society of Magazine Editors’ Hall of Fame, at the National Magazine Annual Awards dinner at the New York Marriott Marquis next month. Edward Graydon Carter born in Toronto has been editor of Vanity Fair since 1992. He also co-founded the satirical monthly magazine Spy in 1986.

Maria Miller resigns as culture secretary in the UK following a row over her expenses.
At least 18 dead after explosion at market on outskirts of Pakistani capital Islamabad.
Guinea 'Ebola deaths pass 100'
The Obama administration has told the Iranian government its choice of a one-time student revolutionary to be UN ambassador is "not viable".
Pistorius quizzed on Reeva evidence.
A New York man, Jonathan Fleming, is freed from prison after serving 25 years for a murder he did not commit.

Apr 8th 2014

Today in History: 212: Roman Emperor Caracalla is assassinated; 1093: The new Winchester Cathedral is dedicated; 1820: The Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Melos; 1993: The Republic of Macedonia joins the United Nations. Holidays and Observances: None

Day 98 there are 267 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Dionysios Solomos, Poet, 1798-1857;
Stanislaw Taczak, General, 1874-1960;
Raoul Jobin, Tenor, 1906-1974;
Fred Ebb, Composer, 1933-2004;
John Hamm, Politician, 1938-;
Tim Thomerson, Actor, 1946-;
Arwyn Davies, Actor, 1967-;
Tony Black, Actor, 1987-.

People died today:
Charibert II, ???-632;
Gilbert, Duke of Burgundy, ???-956;
Anne Catherine of
Brandenburg, 1575-1612;
Margaret Thatcher, Politician, 1925-2013;
Annette Funicello, Mousketeer, 1942-2013.

Quad/Graphics, Inc. and Brown Printing Company have announced a definitive agreement whereby Quad/Graphics will acquire Brown Printing. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory clearances and is expected to close in the second half of 2014. Both Quad/Graphics’ board of directors and Brown’s parent company Gruner + Jahr and its shareholders approved the transaction.

Quad/Graphics is purchasing Brown for $100 million. "This acquisition is consistent with our ongoing strategy to transform Quad/Graphics and create value for our clients and shareholders," said Joel Quadracci, Quad/Graphics Chairman, President & CEO. "Brown is a well respected, financially strong company focused on delivering superior quality and impeccable customer service to a diverse range of clients."

...talking of unpaid internships... at Toronto Life and The Walrus the Ontario labour ministry has cracked down 'saying they are in contravention of the Employment Standards Act' reports This means the publications have now cancelled their internship programs 'except for those students who are doing their unpaid work for school credit.' For more, click here.

'The popular European brand Mollie Makes will be introduced to U.S.' reports D.B Hebbard at and will launch 'Mollie Makes U.S. Edition by Future US.' There will be a digital edition and scribes D.B. 'the Mollie Makes U.S. Edition editorial team will be led by Editor-in-Chief Katherine Stevenson.' For more, click here.

If ever there was a magazine or franchise that could jump on the "user review" bandwagon it would be Time Out. The Time Out web site 'has created a new user review product that lets users review venues and events, not just read those of Time Out’s own writers.' Sounds like a great idea... sounds like an idea already put to good use by the likes of Yelp and Tripadvisor. Time Out’s chief digital officer told “A lot of what Time Out is doing now is catching up to get solutions out there that live up to the expectations of today’s reader” we just hope he catches up with the bandwagon. For more, click here.

The 2014 Alberta Magazines Conference session
"Making Social Media Make Sense"
with Jennifer Reynolds.

Emma Bazilian over at reports that 'Tony Gervino, the executive editor of Hearst Magazines International, has been named editor in chief of Billboard magazine,' as current Billboard editor Joe Levy becomes editor-at-large. For more click on Tony.

Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates has died aged 25.
A new EU study shows that far more honeybees are dying in the UK and other parts of northern Europe than in the Mediterranean.
US mudslide death toll reaches 33.
The driver of a New York commuter train that derailed in December, killing four, suffers from a serious sleep disorder, investigators reveal.
Quebec's Liberal Party is set to form a majority provincial government in Canada.
Irish President Michael D Higgins is welcomed to the UK by Prince Charles as the first state visit by an Irish head of state gets under way.

Apr 7th 2014

Today in History: 1521: Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Cebu; 1767: End of Burmese–Siamese War; 1939: Italy invades Albania; 2001: Mars Odyssey is launched. Holidays and Observances: Genocide Memorial Day, Rwanda.

Day 97 there are 368 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Gerrit Dou, Painter, 1613-1675;
Flora Tristan, Author, 1803-1844;
Walter Winchell, Journalist, 1897-1972;
Percy Faith, Composer, 1908-1976;
James Garner, Actor, 1928-;
Ian Richardson, Actor, 1934-2007;
Janis Ian, Singer-songwriter, 1951-;
Hindrek Kesler, Architect, 1958-;
Guillaume Depardieu, Actor, 1971-2008.

People died today:
Berengar I of Italy, 845-924;
Francis Cooke, Settler, 1583-1663;
P. T. Barnum, Businessman, 1810-1891;
Victor Argo, Actor, 1934-2004;
Carl Williams, Boxer, 1959-2013.

Seventeen and Elle, two Hearst titles are to have Miley Cyrus on the cover in May... one may be a problem, the other not. Why? Because Miley has not approved one of the covers. To find out which... and why... click here.

Lori Leibovich has given the heave-ho to HuffPo and is moving to to take up the editor's position. For more, click here.

Last Monday it was Laura McEwen and Lucy Danziger in the top jobs at Self magazine... this week... well, a week is a long time in politics - publishing! For more, click here.

More and more people may be accepting of gay marriage, but in Bristol, England, acceptance seems very regional. A 'regional daily editor has revealed that his paper’s sales plummeted by thousands last Monday' and the reason? A gay kiss featured on the front cover of the Bristol Post. Editor Mike Norton says they only got nine phone calls complaining about the picture, but sales fell by the thousands. Mr. Norton then wrote in a blog "I thought Bristol was ready for that picture; but, boy, was I wrong" he wrote.' But was it the picture of Mike McBeth and Matthew Symonds or the picture of Christina Marie in the top right corner, which seems much more alarming to us. For more, click here.

Australian ship Ocean Shield picks up signals consistent with flight data recorders in the "most promising lead so far", plane search officials say.
Mickey Rooney has died at the age of 93.

Two Italian priests and a Canadian nun have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Cameroon.

Bob Larbey, co-writer of the classic sitcom The Good Life, (Good Neighbors in some countries) has died at the age of 79.

Oscar Pistorius takes the stand at his murder trial.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George arrive down under.
A Queen's Guard stopped a man who tried to force his way into Buckingham Palace on Friday evening.

Apr 4th 2014

Today in History: 1287: King Wareru founds Kingdom of Ramannadesa; 1812: U.S. President James Madison enacts a ninety-day embargo on trade with the United Kingdom; 1818: United States Congress adopts the flag of the United States; 1984: President Ronald Reagan calls for an international ban on chemical weapons. Holidays and Observances: Independence Day, Senegal.

Day 94 there are 271 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Caracalla, Emperor, 188-217;
Maria II of Portugal, 1819-1853;
David White, Actor, 1916-1990;
Monty Norman, Composer, 1928-;
Anthony Perkins, Actor, 1932-1992;
Luke Halpin, Dolphin lover, 1947-;
Cherie Lunghi, Actress, 1952-;
Jane Eaglin, Soprano, 1960-;
Sean Wilson, Actor, 1965-;
David Blaine, Magician, 1973-;
James Roday, Psychic, 1976-;
Grumpy Cat, Cat, 2012-.

People died today:
Pope Formosus, 816-896;
Pope Nicholas IV, 1227-1292;
Gloria Swanson, Actress, 1899-1983;
Kenny Everett, Entertainer, 1944-1995;
Basil Copper, Journalist, 1924-2013.

'Harrowsmith's Truly Canadian Almanac publisher Yolanda Thornton, of Moongate Publishing, debuted a sister title this month called Harrowsmith's Gardening Digest' reports as a result of 'readership requests for more exhaustive editorial that addresses all gardening seasons.' The new publication replaces 'Harrowsmith's Spring edition' says and for more, cliquez ici!

Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post says 'Condé Nast has expelled the upper echelon at Self, replacing Editor-in-Chief Lucy Danziger with Cosmopolitan Executive Editor Joyce Chang.' Whether this has anything to do with Self's recent faux pas concerning San Diego runner Monika Allen is not clear. Insiders claim Danziger 'had not taken well to the guidance she was getting from Wintour as she began to scrutinize Danziger’s Self redesign that had not caught fire.' For more of Mr. Kelly's report on this departure - and others - click here.

Lagardère Active has accepted a firm and irrevocable offer from 4B Media-Groupe Rossel and Reworld Media for the sale of its Psychologies, Be, Première, Pariscope (printed format only), Maison & Travaux, Le Journal de la Maison, Campagne Décoration, Mon Jardin Ma Maison, Auto Moto and Union titles. The offer includes the transfer of all employees in publishing and other functions working for the titles.

Denis Olivennes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lagardère Active, says: "We have selected experienced printed and digital publishing companies with ambitious and sound objectives which can ensure the future of these ten titles and the people who work on them."

Lord Heseltine has taken full control of Haymarket Publishing which according to 'has reported a pre-tax loss of almost £8m in its latest financial results.' Haymarket serves a broad spread of markets, from motorsport to fashion, from technology to medicine and covers both business and consumer publications and the company was formed back in 1957 by Clive Labovitch & Michael Heseltine. For more, click here.

Trinity Mirror is to publish a series of regional magazines to mark the centenary of World War 1.
Foreign reporters shot in Afghanistan.
A court in India sentences three men to hang, under a tough new law which carries the death penalty for those convicted of multiple sexual assaults
TV host David Letterman to retire next year.
Monty Python confirm 'last ever' gig will be July 20th.
The Malaysian government has been deliberately concealing information about missing flight MH370, the country's main opposition leader has claimed.
Texas family claims to have caught mythical chupacabra.

Apr 3rd 2014

Today in History: 1043: Edward the Confessor is crowned King of England; 1882: Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford; 1968: Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech; 1996: A United States Air Force airplane carrying United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes in Croatia, Holidays and Observances: None

Day 93 there are 272 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Piet de Jong, Politician, 1915-;
Doris Day, Icon, 1922-;
Marlon Brando, Actor, 1924-2004;
Mario Lavista, Composer, 1943-;
Sally Thomsett, Actress, 1950-;
Alec Baldwin, Actor, 1958-;
David Hyde Pierce, Actor, 1959-;
Nigel Farage, Politician, 1964-;
Leona Lewis, Singer, 1985-.

People died today:
Arthur, Prince of Wales, 1486-1502;
Zewditu I of Ethiopia, 1876-1930;
William III, Duke of Aquitaine, 915-963;
Jesse James, Outlaw, 1847-1882;
Peter Pears, Tenor, 1910-1986;
Sarah Vaughan, Singer, 1924-1990;
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala,
Screenwriter, 1927-2013;
Robert Elgie, Politician , 1929-2013.

Henry Taylor and Jasper Jackson at wonder if 'IPC's decision to close Nuts magazine is merely the result of the easy availability of internet pornography?' Their report notes 'only three months ago, Nuts editor Dominic Smith was heralding the passing of "an incredible ten years for Nuts"... [what] he didn't talk about was that the magazine's circulation peak came and went nine years earlier in December 2005.' The gentlemen figure out 'the dangerous middle ground and why Nuts' closure is about more than just boobs' - their words, not ours. For more, go nuts and click here.

'Digital First Media, the New York-based newspaper operator that has made a high-profile bet on its digital business' reports is 'planning layoffs as it heads into a year expected to see rapid consolidation in the newspaper industry.' The report suggests 100 people will be affected out of 10,000 members of staff but says the report 'those affected are expected to be higher-level executives.' For more, click here.

'Future Publishing has announced the launch of over 50 titles on PressReader, the world leader in multi-channel newspaper and magazine content distribution' says a report on For more, click the picture on the right.

'Digital editor Chris Rovzar has left Vanity Fair for Bloomberg' says and 'will head up a new site on luxury at Bloomberg, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.' For more, click the picture.

UK publisher Imagine Publishing 'has released a brand new iPad-only publication designed to make learning Photoshop easy' says and it is called Photoshop 123. For more, click here.


Public Health Minister Jane Ellison pushes ahead with plans to ban branding on cigarette packs in England.

US soldier shoots three dead before killing himself at the Fort Hood army base in Texas.
The US Supreme Court strikes down overall contribution limits for individual political donors.
Musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels gets a largely positive response from critics.
Amazon launches TV streaming device.
A bomb strikes the convoy route of Pakistan's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf.
Queen Elizabeth II meets the Pope in Rome.
London enveloped by smog, looks just like Beijing.
A snake forced 450 passengers off a train in Switzerland while police searched for the reptile. Suggestions that Samuel L. Jackson was placed on alert were greatly exaggerated - although Laurence Fishburne may have got a call! (Click here for the Jackson/Fishburne debate if you don't know what we are talking about!)

Apr 2nd 2014

Today in History: 1885: Cree warriors attacked the village of Frog Lake; 1972: Actor Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States for the first time since being labeled a communist; 1992: In New York, Mafia boss John Gotti is convicted of murder. Holidays and Observances: None.

Day 92 there are 273 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Charlemagne, 742-814;
Prince George of Denmark, 1653-1708;
Julius Körner, Rower, 1870-????;
Edward Egan, Cardinal, 1932-;
Penelope Keith, Actress, 1940-;
Leon Russell, Singer-songwriter, 1942-;
Rory Sabbatini, Golfer, 1976-;
Aiden Turner, Actor, 1977-.

People died today:
Arthur, Prince of Wales, 1486-1502;
Zewditu I of Ethiopia, 1876-1930;
Buddy Rich, Drummer, 1917-1987;
Milo O'Shea, Actor, 1926-2013.

Time made some major changes to staff responsibilities yesterday and also Haley Sweetland Edwards, Ashley Ross and Nolan Feeney entered the building. For details, click here. Elsewhere, The Guardian US has named Megan Carpentier deputy opinion editor and J. J. Gould has been named Atlantic Digital Editor. And, to coin a phrase, we are not finished yet, Keith J. Kelly at the New York Post reports 'Jeff Giles, the deputy editor, exited on Tuesday,' Mr. Giles being the deputy editor of Entertainment Weekly. Others have gone too, and for information on that, click here.

Keith J. Kelly has a turn of phrase we simply adore here at Mr Kelly reports 'The Red Queen appears to be at it again' - really, how can you not want to know more. The red queen is Louise Blouin and says Keith 'financial woes appear to mounting for Louise Blouin and her media company.' For more, click here.

Last week the leader of the UK's UKIP party, and the deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom and Liberal Democrat leader Nicholas Clegg had a presidential-like debate on radio over the UK's membership in the European Union. Tonight they are doing it all on television from 18.00 GMT/UTC. Well 'the Paddy Power team is back: this time taking a poke at politicians' says with an advertisement which 'the ASA says may have put the ad industry in disrepute' - or it may just make you laugh... click on the green box below to reveal the ad - if you dare.

In the UK, 'Horrible Histories magazine is hosting a nationwide competition to find the biggest Horrible Histories fan' reports Horrible Histories magazine Editor Kevin Pettman added: “The search to find the biggest Horrible Histories fan is the ultimate competition for the magazine's readers." For more, click here.

Reuters is reporting 'American Lawyer publisher ALM Media... is exploring a sale that could fetch more than $500 million.' Investment bank Jefferies will help in obtaining interested purchases and says Reuters 'the first round of interest from potential bidders starts this week.' For more, click here

Nato suspends all practical civilian and military co-operation with Russia.
A 12-year-old girl dies after a wall inside the building of Liberton High School in Edinburgh collapses and lands on top of her.
LinkedIn email addresses exposed.
General Motors chief executive Mary Barra apologizes to the US Congress.
US 'may free Israel spy Pollard'
The BBC has said it is "urgently investigating" a breach of data protection by a former TV researcher.
Health warnings have been issued as pollution spreading across England is forecast to hit high levels.

Apr 1st 2014

Today in History: 1826: Samuel Morey patents the internal combustion engine; 1865: Battle of Five Forks; 1887: Mumbai Fire Brigade is established; 1946: Formation of the Malayan Union. Holidays and Observances: All Fools' Day.

Day 91 there are 274 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Bill Traylor, Painter, 1854-1949;
Lon Chaney, Sr., Actor, 1883-1930;
Wallace Beery, Actor, 1885-1949;
Sid Field, Actor, 1904-1950;
Jane Powell, Actress, 1929-;
Ita Ever, Actress, 1931-;
Ajit Wadekar, Cricketer, 1941-;
Brian Binley, Politician, 1942-;
Susan Boyle, Singer, 1961-;
Traci Lind, Actress, 1968-;
David Gilliland, Race car driver, 1976-;
Sean Taylor, Football player, 1983-2007.

People died today:
Eleanor of Aquitaine, 1122-1204;
Jandamarra, Activist, 1873-1879;
George II of Greece, 1890-1947;
Pavel 183, Painter, 1983-2013.

It was a long time coming, but finally 'advertisers looking for accurate measurements of their campaign' are to get their way. 'On Monday,' says 'the Media Rating Council, which decides standards for media audience measurements, determined that an ad is only “viewable” if at least 50 percent of it is seen for at least one second. While the move seems incremental, it’s key because it’s the first time the industry has settled on a single measurement for viewability' says Richard Bilton, and for more of Mr. Bilton's report, click here. 'Magazine publisher Future has announced plans to make a third of its US-based staff redundant' says a report at 'Chief executive Mark Wood said: "These changes enable Future's US business to focus squarely on profitable operation of our core US digital brands" and print support functions such as marketing and production will move back to the UK.' For more, click here.

Magazine Launches
on Upswing

'It’s a nice get for Keith Pollock' says Chris O'Shea at, Mr. Pollock being 'the magazine’s relatively new editor-in-chief.' Who did Mr. Pollock get? click the cover to find out, and click here for more of Mr. O'Shea's report.

'For its May issue' says, Cosmopolitan 'will feature a pasted-on cover for subscriber copies that is sponsored by L’Oréal.' In other words an advertisement cover which is 'part of an ad buy' says the report. For more, click here, and click on the cover on the left to reveal the actual magazine cover.

Whether they are crackers to do this, only time will tell, but says 'Nuts, the men’s weekly magazine and website, could be set to close as IPC Media has announced that it has entered into a 30-day consultation with staff.' The report seems to suggest the closure is actually a done deal, as the saying goes, as 'IPC Inspire managing director Paul Williams said “IPC will provide impacted staff with all the support they need during the consultation process”.' Sounds like a closure to us. For more, click here.


Business Secretary Vince Cable refuses to apologize over the privatization of Royal Mail.

Margaret Thatcher to be made a Saint within the Church of England; the first saint the Church of England has added since Sir Apref Ooll back in 1392. Nato says it is not seeing a promised Russian troop pullout from the border with eastern Ukraine.
'Obamacare' deadline sparks surge.
A secret 6,000 page report says the CIA misled the US government over how effective its interrogation methods were.
Musician Frankie Knuckles, known as the Godfather of House music has died.

Mar 31st 2014

Today in History: 1561: The city of San Cristóbal, Táchira is founded; 1889: The Eiffel Tower is officially opened; 1949: The Dominion of Newfoundland joins the Canadian Confederation. Holidays and Observances: Freedom Day, Malta.

Day 90 there are 275 days remaining this year.

People born today:
Mary Boykin Chesnut, Author, 1823-1886;
Jack Johnson, Boxer, 1878-1946;
Richard Kiley, Actor, 1922-1999;
Her Grace, The Dowager
Duchess of Devonshire, DCVO; 1920-;
Robert Vance, Cricketer, 1955-;
Euan Burton, Judoka, 1979-;
Kidd, Rapper, 1989-;
Mikael Ishak, Footballer, 1993-.

People died today:
Ivan I of Moscow, 1288-1340;
Chichay,Actress, 1918-1993;
Bob Clarke, Illustrator, 1926-2013.

One upon a time, in a shop far, far away, a magazine called 'All You' sat alone on the shelf, wondering why it was only available in one shop. It was a sad little magazine who only wanted to grow and grow into the biggest magazine in the whole wide world. Then one day, the magazine fairy (don't go there!) waved the fairy wand and hey presto 'All You' will be available in 'supermarkets, drug stores and bookstores across the country, including Safeway, Publix, Kroger, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Barnes & Noble' proving happy endings can happen if you really, really believe. For more,

The French media group Lagardere says a decision on a magazine deal for ten of its magazines is set for April 2.

Beth Buehler, Rodale's digital strategist discusses plans for video also talks about building a mobile task force with Emma Bazilian at For more, click here.

The Wild Bunch are at it again... no, not William Holden, Robert Ryan or Ernest Borgnine but Wild Bunch Media in the United Kingdom who 'following successful events in Bristol, Nottingham and London in 2013' have added even more 10k race destinations this year. For more, click the picture below.

Jake Silverstein, the current editor in chief of Texas Monthly will, according to 'become the new editor of The New York Times Magazine. The news was announced last Friday. It took a great deal of time, months in fact to find the correct candidate to replace Hugo Lindgren who left the magazine at the end of last year. For more, click here.


A court in Pakistan charges former military ruler Pervez Musharraf with treason.

Dynasty star Kate O'Mara has died at the age of 74.
US mudslide missing reduced to 30.
Justin Bieber is booed as he wins the fans' choice prize at Canada's Juno Awards.
Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been found guilty in a bribery trial.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrives in Crimea.
Yellowstone National Park rattled by largest earthquake in 34 years.
Art lovers in Paris were left startled when a dozen sheep suddenly stormed into the Louvre museum.
Sir Elton John has said he and his partner David Furnish will tie the knot now that gay marriage is legal in Britain.
South Korea says it has fired shells into North Korean waters in response to live fire drills carried out by Pyongyang.


No matter how many times people tell you what makes a great direct mail package, sometimes you are lucky enough to SEE one! Elaine has the Straight Talk...  Click here to read more....

Those messages that pop up on screen during TV shows are pissing me off... And Another Thing! Click here to read,

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Telemarketers are well aware of the Personal Identifier Question and recent changes in rules regarding the PIQ have caused somewhat of a debate in the industry. Ronen Ben-Dror of Blue Valley Telemarketing takes a look at what gives. Click here to read more....

An accurate call list is an extremely important aspect in waging a successful telemarketing campaign. Scrubbing the list is the responsibility of the publishing company and the telemarketing agency. Click here to read more....

Customers of telemarketing services often commission work without undertaking even the most elementary checks. What should the informed customer look for when choosing an outbound telemarketing agency? Click here to read,

Publishers need to address the USPS's suggested increase before it is too late. Click here to read,

Evaluating how a campaign is working while agents are in the process of communicating with current or potential clients, live monitoring is an essential tool. Can companies afford to waste all those efforts on a careless approach to monitoring the campaign? Of course not. Click here to read more....

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Not sure who is handling the promotions over at Vegetarian Times, but whoever it is, they are doing a great job.

In our last issue we got a renewal reminder informing us we had only one issue left.

There is a sticker on the outer envelope to remove and put on the order card inside. Good copy pointing out 'Last Chance for Maximum Savings!' and also a rather intriguing $25,000 Prize Number. Inside is a four color brochure just for good measure. These people obviously know the value of renewals. Click on any of the images above to see larger samples.

The original order was placed through Publishers Clearing House and sweeps sold, means sweeps renewed, and this is what the prize being offered is all about. Excellent technique.

Also, since we were looking at the current issue of Vegetarian Times, well done for including not one, not two, but three insert cards in the magazine.

Here's a good offer from Oracle Magazine for a qualified controlled publication. It has good benefits copy and makes requesting Oracle Magazine easy with a couple of "Subscribe Now" buttons.  There is interesting PS copy offering a new publication for those who might be interested in Java Magazine as well as Oracle. The design is clean, uncluttered and attractive. To view the offer, click here. Not sure why the publisher is only offering six free issues, but given the quality of the promotion there must be a very good reason.

Here's a nice promotion from The Nation.  It's quick to read, offers an invitation to receive exclusive free offers - it's a flattering offer and comes from a credible publication.

It ultimately leads you to a subscription landing page offering 4 free issues (very strong offer) plus attractive subscription prices and a choice of format - print or online access.
The promotion is clean and uncluttered with enough enticing benefits to attract readership.

Click on the image above for a larger version.

We received our monthly renewal offer from TV Guide this week, and it does all the right things and looks good, and makes ordering very simple. As with many publications the actual renewal date is not mentioned, something which annoys me as a subscriber, but pleases me as a marketer - can you tell I am a Gemini? IF you click on the image above, you can see what happens at the ordering stage, although this is made as simple as possible. Interestingly, for an online order form, and a renewal form at that, TV Guide offers a Bill Me option.

We recently received the regular offer from Opera News and this offer, like our old nanny Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way. '3 Risk-Free Issues' always a vote grabber, a free gift offer of a CD, an involvement device, savings of 68%, and a reply by instruction. We may have died and gone to heaven!

Inside, or the reverse depending on your point of view, 'Free' is mentioned not once, nor twice but four times in as many paragraphs and an excellent re-stating of what we are going to get, or not if we don't reply in ten days. The Free issues are even restated on the reply card. Whoever wrote and designed this should be sent a bag of onions, because they sure as hell know them. It looks good, does all the right things and Opera News mail it regularly, so we can conclude that it works for them. (Click here or on the thumbnail to view larger image.


Here is the latest offering from People magazine. Nice personalized outer envelope, and a simple and concise brochure showing good covers and copy that sells the subscription. To order, it's old school, snail mail - no mention of ordering via the web anywhere. Nice package and well done to People for knowing that direct mail via the post office is still a good way to get orders.

Click on the image to see large versions.

Here’s what appears to be an advance renewal offer from Vegetarian Times.  It’s a renewal sweeps – smart idea because the original sub order was placed through PCH.  We’re assuming it’s an advance renewal as only one copy of the subscription has been received thus far.  The offer is a strong one –a 78% saving on the renewal plus a chance to win $25,000 (along with other prizes).  Package includes clever “sweeps” techniques on the outer envelope, an offer deadline and small flyer detailing prizes.  Good job, Vegetarian Times!

Click on the image to see large versions.



We received this double postcard from GQ magazine. The card looks great, has a nice cover and a nice free gift, but also has a rather confusing offer. '24 issues of GQ for only $20.00 - that's 83c (plus 17 cents shipping and handling) per issue; in other words $24.00 then. If you add 83 cents to 17 cents, you get $1.00 which if you then multiply by 24 issues you get $24.00. Click on the image to see large versions.


When my subscription of 'The Week' arrived last week, inside the envelope was an offer for 12 issues of 'The Oldie' magazine. As far as I am aware these magazines are independent of each other, but have a great deal in common.

This is a nice way of promoting a magazine that is probably already known to readers of another magazine and would be fairly cheap to produce and execute. Nice offer. Click on the image for a larger view of the outside and inside.


Always nice to get something from 'The Economist' as they always do things so well.

A free copy of 'The World in 2013' is a nice incentive for the readers among us, and a free tablet cover for the tecchies to boot - which also indirectly pushes the digital version.

The predominant red is great as it screamed "ECONOMIST" as soon as I opened my email. Oh and 69c a copy, they got me! [Click here or on image for large version].
Now I just have to get a tablet - Christmas is coming!


'People' really knows how to use it's house file. Good offer, nice creative and use of personalization.

The offer is strong and the order form is pre-populated - what's not to love? (Click on the image to see larger size and also the order form page.


This is an interesting offer. On the one hand it pushes newsstand sales, you can save $1.00 if you print out the coupon. However if you clicked on the Save $1.00 link you can also subscribe and get eight issues free.

An offer is an offer,
even though this offer
is not publishing related,
it has ignored basic
promotion rule 1-0-1:
Know Thy Prospect!


To view larger size, click on the above image.

A recent offer from People magazine. It looks simple but a great deal of thought has gone into this offer, not least the cover featured on the tablets.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

Let's state it up front - we know the email at the end of the link is spam. Even so, it is a great example of why some design is a good thing in email promotions - even text only promotions. We cannot believe anyone who got this email would even have got so far a clicking a link! Click here to see the email, which is a screen shot taken from our computer.

Rebecca Sterner wrote on CircSpot on how to set up an autorenewal. It just so happens that today we received our auto renewal for Time. In all honesty we had not planned to renew it, but it is done, and although we could cancel it, $81.00 for 56 issues is not worth the hassle of canceling, so we guess the auto renewal worked... at least in our case.

To view larger size, click on the above image.

A reader looked for something on the Times of London web site, and this popped up while the page they wanted to view was loading. He liked it, took a picture, and sent it to us - thanks Glyn C-R of Buckinghamshire.

A reader subscribed to Fast Company and paid $10.00 for a subscription. After placing the order, they received an email offering a $5.00 credit if she can get another person to subscribe in the next 6 hours. This seemed like a very clever idea to the the person who sent us the information - and we agree.

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