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Why Live Monitoring is so Important.

Ronen Ben-Dror is director of client relationship development at Blue Valley Telemarketing and can be contacted at 847 433-8183 or


Often companies invest weeks, even months to prepare for a campaign, looking to increase brand awareness, promote a product/service, educate, invite to attend a seminar or trade show etc. The process includes acquiring a reliable contact list, developing an effective script that will entice new customers and further develop relationships with existing customers, develop analysis and breakdown reports, prepare content to be delivered, follow-up processes to be executed, and train agents to properly communicate the product/service to the prospective clients.

When it comes to evaluating how a campaign is working while agents are in the process of communicating with current or potential clients, live monitoring is an essential tool. Can companies afford to waste all those efforts on a careless approach to monitoring the campaign?

Of course not - relying on the numbers alone at the end of a call campaign is a risky proposition.  Monitoring is a must in order to make certain that the agents are following the call guide (script) and that their engagements with the people they talk to support the purpose of the campaign and yield the best results to produce the highest possible ROI. Furthermore, management must be on top of the increasingly more restrictive regulations that constantly affect outbound calling activities.

BPA is aware of the benefits of live monitoring and has developed a guideline for it which includes live monitoring no less than twice a week. BPA has found that companies that do follow this standard are able to give better customer service, reduce call times and call volumes. Companies that utilize live monitoring also drastically reduce their chances of failing an audit or violating the many compliance regulations the industry faces.

It’s all about performance. Monitoring live calls help management provide additional support and training to agents that experience challenges. Agents can be challenged by different parts of the call, i.e. introduction and initial effort to reach the contact person, initial presentation, talking to “qualified others” when the contact person is not available, address verification, asking/verifying demographic information etc.

If an agent is doing fine with the script but has a difficult time managing the call when he/she is asked questions that might have them deviate from the script, live monitoring will help catch the occurrences and help management coach the agent into a better performance. It’s not only the live calls that are monitored; companies should take advantage and monitor recorded calls as well. Recorded calls can be monitored by management and by the client any time.
Most companies are invested in time management strategies that can save money, make money and create efficiencies. Monitoring recorded calls allows companies to get the most out of a block of time they've devoted to monitoring performance. For instance, in a live monitoring situation, an agent might have a long string of calls that go unanswered.

Live monitoring software gives management a peek into the process that has been laid out for the telemarketing agency. Listening in will verify if the plan is being followed, if the script is being deviated from, and if the agents are performing professionally and respectfully. Most account managers will put their own numbers on the call list so that they can get a first-hand experience of the campaign.

It’s not uncommon for companies to test/use more than one telemarketing agency. Live monitoring is an excellent way to make sure that all agencies, new and old, are living up to the expectations promised when they were contracted. By the same token, even long-established relationships are kept in check with live monitoring.

There really is only one way to ensure integrity in calling campaigns – accountability. Live monitoring provides that accountability. BlueValley Telemarketing is committed to live monitoring, ensuring all of our campaigns adhere to strict guidelines for excellence. For more information, visit BVTM at