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Pair Content Marketing Distribution With Telemarketing to Improve Lead Generation

Content marketing specialists know there is a great return on investments made in content marketing, especially when teamed up with a quality telemarketing firm. Staying relevant involves producing quality content and putting it out there in a tactful manner that ensures the right targets will make contact with the information. Telemarketing is one of the best delivery vehicles for content. Telemarketing professionals are experts in conveying a message and nurturing leads.

There are a number of ways for a business to attract new customers/leads including social media, email campaigns, direct mail and telemarketing. However, using content marketing in these channels increases the positive results you will see as you strive to improve your lead generation. In particular though, telemarketing is among the most proactive channels to use in your efforts.

According to Relevanza, nearly 80 percent of small businesses are finding new customers through social media. HubSpot’s research says organizations that create a minimum of 15 blog posts every month are pulling in 1,200 new leads per month. HubSpot has also found that organizations with 31 to 40 landing pages get seven times more leads than companies with five or fewer landing pages.

While these statistics are powerful, check out Forrester Research statistics regarding nurturing leads – companies that excel at the nurturing process are generating 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a rate of 33 percent less cost. The most proactive way to nurture leads is through telemarketing, which is why your next content marketing attempts should include telemarketing as a delivery vehicle.

Content marketing has generated a higher number of leads for companies that have invested themselves in content campaigns. Research by the DMA tells us that 64 percent of marketers are now adding content marketing with their telemarketing campaigns and coming up with positive results.BtoB Magazine’s survey reveals that the top priority of organizations using content marketing is lead generation. BtoB said 51 percent of respondents named lead generation as the top priority, followed by brand awareness, thought leadership, sales, customer acquisition, customer retention/loyalty, and others.

A study by 360 Leads reveals that 78.5 percent of companies in their study had embarked on a lead generation campaign in the last 12 months, but just fewer than 18 percent were hitting their goals. The study says the primary reason for the lackluster performance in generating leads was due to internal company issues and inadequate budgets. These are companies that should be placing importance on content marketing in the lead generation efforts, which couldease their frustration and help them hit their numbers.

The best telemarketing campaign strategies will target only the portion of the audience that fits specific criteria. The call center professionals will offer the knowledge these prospects need to further them along in the sales cycle. Telemarketers are also experts at identifying the decision makers and delivering content in real time to the right people.

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