Double Whammy from TV Guide

Here’s something you don’t see often.  A recent issue of TV Guide has multiple insert cards (no, that’s not unusual) with the same offer and price – a one or two year renewal with a premium and price savings.  The offer is for for current subscribers only.

What is unusual is the fact that the premium on each card is different – a FREE organizer tote on one card, a FREE book on the other.  I don’t know whether this is a premium test or whether the test was conducted and a similar test result made both premiums viable.  However, it is certainly unusual that there is no offer for a new subscription.  It’s a retention offer only.

The headline on the card says “SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST LISTINGS”.  That’s certainly true.  But, if you think about it, even though TV Guide has some good editorial, the primary reason to subscribe is still the listings.  And, for that reason, there must be practically zero pass along readership among current subscribers so why offer a new subscription? It would take up room better used to push the premium offer.  TV Guide can offer a new subscription in newsstand copies and any other distribution not mailed to current subscribers.

There is also savings off the cover price along with the premium. Everything else about these cards is traditional.  All in all, a very clever renewal promotion and use of insert cards.